The Secret His Mistress Carried

By: Lynne Graham

A pair of arms closed round her from behind and she jumped. ‘Gio?’

‘Who else?’ he breathed teasingly above her head.

‘You gave me a fright,’ she whispered, swivelling round in his arms to look up at him. ‘Who’s with the children?’

‘Dee’s taking a turn.’

Billie collided with smouldering dark golden eyes set in a stunning lean dark face and wrapped her arms round his neck, her heart hammering. ‘You still rock my world, Mr Letsos,’ she confided breathlessly.

Gio dealt her a thrillingly erotic smile of anticipation. ‘Not until tonight, agapi mou.’

He called her ‘my love’ now, Billie reflected blissfully, for she now spoke a fair amount of Greek. Her curvaceous body sealed slowly to his with intense appreciation of the strength and protectiveness in his tall, well-built length. ‘I love you, Gio...’

‘And I am totally devoted to you,’ Gio intoned huskily, bending his head to steal a kiss that went on until they had to break apart to breathe.

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