Their Virgin Concubine

By: Shayla Black and Lexi Blake

“Are you all right?”

He opened his eyes and stopped sniffing the female. Fuck. The good news was she didn’t seem to know what he was doing. The bad news? His brother was looking at him like he was the world’s biggest moron. Oh, well. Rafe often had that look on his face. Kade tried not to take it personally. “I am very well, thank you.”

“He’s a bit slow, if you know what I mean,” Rafe said with a sharp bite to his words.

Pandora’s eyes widened with sympathy. “Oh. Really? Okay. I’ll just show you where everything goes. It’s so nice of you to help me.”

Rafe sat back on his heels, a brilliant smile crossing his face as he held back laughter. Kade wanted to punch the asshole in the face, but it was so good to see his brother smile again that he let his violent impulses go. Still, he had to repair the damage wrought by Rafe’s insult. He didn’t want pretty Pandora to think he was slow. Except in bed, where he would go very slowly and savor every inch of her.

He caught her hand in his. Soft skin, warm, slightly calloused on the side of one finger where she’d hold a pencil. He flipped her hand over, his thumb tracing the blue lines of her veins before covering it with his other hand. He wanted her to feel surrounded by him, a little taste of what he and Rafe could give her. “My brother is teasing you, habibti. I have two degrees from Oxford University. He thinks I am slow because he has three.”

That pretty pale skin flushed right up again. He liked that he would be able to tell so much just by looking at her. He would know when she was lying, when she was happy, when she was aroused. He was used to jaded women, but his little Pandora was far from that.

“Sorry. I guess I’m a little naïve. I only have the one degree, and it’s from Hale University in West Texas. Go Bullfrogs!” She gave a charming little laugh and seemed unable to stop speaking. “Dumb mascot. Really. You do not want to be in that costume in August in Abilene. Hot. And cramped. It’s the only mascot uniform that forces you to hop. They told me it was because they wanted realism, but I think they just wanted to torture me. Terrible way to try to find your school spirit. Though it built strong quadriceps. That’s the thigh muscle. Wait. You know that because of Oxford and stuff. I’m going to stop talking now.”

“Hello!” A muffled feminine voice called out from the proximity of the floor.

Pandora pulled her hand out of his with a grimace and started shuffling through papers, looking for something. “I dropped my phone. Dang!”

Then she went right back to her hands and knees, frantically searching. Now Kade wasn’t the only one looking at her ass. Rafe was practically drooling, his eyes travelling from the graceful curve of her spine to the round cheeks of her backside. Rafe’s gaze cut over to his with an interested gleam.

Kade raised his eyebrows and pointed at his watch. It was early, but if they took her to lunch, maybe they could be in bed by twelve thirty. Their condo wasn’t far. Feed her a little. Maybe a nice bottle of wine. Then, before long, they’d hopefully sweet talk the glorious little bundle of chaos into getting in between them.

Rafe frowned and held up his folder, the one that contained the name of the woman they had come here to see. Piper Glen. The supposed savior of Bezakistan. Hopefully not some cold-ass intellectual.

Fucking Pandora would have to wait.

Rafe nodded regretfully and mouthed, “Dinner?”

Yeah. If they weren’t on a plane home with their future wife in tow. He longed for the old days when no one thought a sheikh should be faithful to one woman. They could have married whoever and kept little Pandora as a treat on the side. But no. Now he had paparazzi and tabloid rags and Sunday news shows commenting about where he put his dick.

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