Their Virgin Concubine

By: Shayla Black and Lexi Blake

Rafe had prowled up the hall after her, plotting to offer his help with carrying her folders, but then he’d heard her talking to her sister on the phone. She’d paid for the girl’s school. Of course, he’d only heard a part of the conversation, but from what he gathered, she would not allow her sister to work more than a few hours a week while attending university because she’d had to do it herself and did not wish the girl to struggle. Family was important to this woman, and Rafe both understood and respected that. In fact, he found that quality deeply attractive.

Rafe had taken the opportunity to carefully inventory the woman’s appearance. Cheap clothes, shoddy shoes she must have purchased at a thrift store, a cell phone that had seen better days. The soft beauty obviously sent her sister every spare cent. Learning that she was Piper, the focus of Talib’s current interest, only made his curiosity peak more.

The reports Talib had sent said nothing of her sinfully sexy innocence. Instead, they had been filled with all the information the sheikh would find important, an amalgamation of numbers and dates that formed the sum of Piper Glen’s life to this point. Tal hadn’t mentioned how sweet she was, likely because he wouldn’t particularly care. He had noted her very high IQ. Nowhere in the report did he mention how she’d sacrificed for her sister. There had been one or two lines about her family, but nothing that got to the heart of the woman.

What sort of game was Talib playing? He feared it was working since Kade was already mentally putting a ring on her finger and placing her between the three of them in bed. Rafe wanted to know more about Piper before he allowed himself to become attached. But time was running short. He couldn’t take the months he would have liked to get to know her. They had one objective—get her back to Bezakistan where they could see if she would make a suitable bride—then seduce her accordingly.

If she was everything she appeared to be, Rafe would enjoy having such a woman. He could become necessary to her. He could care for her, seeing to her every need until she turned to him like a flower to the sun. He could show her his world and make himself a place in hers.

Dex sighed. “Look, I know the drill, guys. Hell, Slade and I practically invented the drill. You find a hot little piece of ass, get her in between the two of you, make her scream down the roof, then take her to dinner and give her a nice parting gift. I get it. But Piper is off limits because A, I like her and she deserves better than to be a notch on your bedpost, and B, if she ends up crying to my wife that you two used her, and Hannah finds out I could have protected her, my wife will have my balls. She’s pregnant again. Do you know what a hormonal woman can do to a set of balls? I know we talk about testicles like they’re the be-all, end-all of strength, but those fuckers are fragile. If you want some action, talk to Amanda. You saw her, right? Blonde. Big boobs and sharp tongue. She’ll be up for your games, but Piper won’t know what game you’re playing, much less how to play.”

Amanda? Rafe slid his brother a long glance. Clearly, Kade wasn’t interested in that shit either. Dex so conveniently forgot his own history, which included seducing the lovely young Hannah before he and his brothers married her. They both let Dex go on and on about the horrors of uncommitted sex and how much they could scar Piper’s gentle psyche and heart or whatever, simply because he thought Rafe and Kade would never settle down.

Rafe held up a hand. “You are wrong in this, friend. We are not simply looking for a woman for the night.”

Dex stopped and stared. “What do you mean?”

Kade sat back, one leg casually perched over his knee. He looked like the negligent playboy he was, but Rafe knew his younger brother was quite serious now. “It means we must choose. Tal is nearly thirty-five, so our time is almost up. Gavin explained this to you?”

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