The Billionaire's Secret Wife

By: Nadia Lee

But right now she wanted to be close to him. All through her adult life, Justin had been an anchor that never changed. If she clung to him, nothing would be able to sweep her away.

She closed the distance between them. His lips were firm under hers, unresponsive. She pulled him closer, both hands on the back of his head, and opened up, tracing her tongue over the flat line of his mouth.

The longer he remained passive, the more aggressive she became, channeling her pain into the desperate act of kissing him. She didn’t want him to remain angry with her. She wanted him to know how sorry she was for being unfair to him and how much she appreciated his support. Just being there for her was huge. Her parents’ divorce was really unsettling, and she couldn’t even say why. She felt like one of those helpless kids she represented pro bono.

She rested her palm over his heart and felt its movement, like a fish caught in a net. Forgive me, Justin. Forgive me…

Finally some of the tension went out of him, and his hands traveled up her sides as he began to kiss her back. Relief and exhilaration flooded her. She shed his coat, let it glide over her and pool by the couch.

He pulled her into his lap and dug a hand into her hair, ruining the way she’d set it. She deepened the kiss, adjusting herself so she was seated with her sex flush against his erection.

He licked the small mole on her neck. “I don’t know why I can’t say no to you.” His breath was hot against her skin. “It should be easy to say no.”

“I’m glad you can’t. Because I can’t say no to you either.”

Chapter Three

Justin cursed under his breath. When Vanessa was like this, it was like all the hurtful words had never been spoken. He went weak for her even though he knew how bad she was. If any of his friends had had the kind of relationship he had with Vanessa, he would’ve advised them to get the hell out.

But none of that mattered when she was in front of him like this.

He pulled the flimsy blouse out of her skirt and unbuttoned it. She unhooked her bra and tossed it on the floor. Need thrummed deep inside his belly at the sight of her. He wanted to tell himself it was only because he hadn’t had sex since they’d broken up, but that would be a lie. Even if he’d had a dozen orgasms the night before, he’d still be hot for her.


He undressed her the rest of the way, then carried her to the bedroom and placed her on his bed. Her crimson hair spread around her like fire. The sight of her there stroked a deep, primal urge in him. For the first time, she was in his bed. Hotel beds had their appeal, but this was more.

His fingers moved on auto-pilot. His shirt buttons came undone, cuff links dropped into a small crystal bowl in the closet. Shoes and socks disappeared, and his slacks and underwear vanished.

Vanessa’s eyes never left his body as he undressed. A deep flush tinted her cheeks, and her pupils grew impossibly wide and dark.

He moved over her, tracing the smooth curves of her calves and thighs. Her breath hitched as his fingers traveled upward, then he stopped, blowing gently at the black curls between her legs. She was already wet.

He dropped a soft kiss on her belly. “You look perfect.”

“So do you.”

With a little smile, he kissed and licked along her legs. They were lean and trim from daily jogging, and he loved their shape and strength.

He gently ran a finger along the seam at the juncture of her thighs. She was scorching hot and wet. He put her juices on his tongue and groaned at the pure honeyed taste.

Propping her legs on his shoulders, he feasted on her. Her back arched at the feel of his tongue, and he hummed with satisfaction at how responsive she was. Maybe her firm had kept her so busy since November that she hadn’t had a free moment to think about another man, much less actually get laid.

Jealousy spiked, but he kicked it down. This wasn’t the time. Vanessa was in his bed, moaning under his mouth.

He swirled his tongue over her clit and pushed his finger into her. Her inner muscles clutched at him, and he groaned at how responsive she was as he moved it in and out of her in that erratic rhythm she liked so much.

As much as he wanted to draw the moment out, he couldn’t wait much longer. His cock throbbed with the need to be inside her, and he wanted her limp and pliable from a powerful orgasm before he entered her.

Her hands twisted the sheet, and her breathing took on a staccatoed, panicked tone, like she was afraid he’d abandon her now when she was so close. He didn’t understand why; he’d never left her unsatisfied.

“Justin!” His name on her lips was the sweetest sound ever. He kept up the pressure as she rode wave after wave of the first of many orgasms he planned to give her that night. She was so beautiful, abandoning herself to the pleasure.

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