The Billionaire's Secret Wife

By: Nadia Lee

Finally she brought him up for a deep kiss. He lay over her, anticipating what was to come, and his cock grew even harder. She reached between their bodies and ran her index finger over the slick blunt tip of his erection, then put it in her mouth. “Mmmm. Yummy.”

“Wicked,” Justin murmured.

“And I live in L.A.”

“The wicked wench of the west.”

She laughed, the sound husky. Then she whispered into his ear, “Less talk, more action.”

* * *

Vanessa smiled when Justin gave into his need and trailed his lips along her neck, his hands traveling over her torso, moving closer and closer to her breasts. He made her feel so free in bed, like she could do or say anything and it would be all right. Maybe that was what kept their time together so fresh and hot. Nothing else could explain why she still wanted him like this after ten years of an on-and-off relationship.

Justin’s firm hand cupped her breast with exactly the right amount of pressure, making her draw a sharp breath at how amazing it felt. He flicked his finger over her aching nipple, and she clenched her inner muscles as she grew slick between her legs.

He took his time with her breast. Where was he getting the patience? She could feel his cock throbbing against her. She licked her lips. She wanted him inside her probably more than he wanted to plunge into her.

Finally he pulled her nipple into his mouth, trapping the hard point between the roof of his mouth and tongue. The edge of his teeth scraped against the soft skin, and she tunneled her fingers through his silky hair as desire heated rapidly in her belly, like she hadn’t just had a powerful orgasm.

When he finally released her breast, she kissed him and rolled him over. As he watched her, she got on her knees and gripped the headboard. Then very deliberately, she spread her thighs and arched her back.

He nuzzled the gentle slopes of her buttocks, his hot breath fanning over her heated skin. She pushed herself toward him, and he stroked her clit. “You’re gorgeous like this.” He nipped her, sending a sharp tang of want along her spine. “Good enough to eat.”

“No more talking. Show me.”

With a soft laugh, he opened a drawer by his bed and put on a condom. Once protected, he gripped her pelvis and pushed into her, delicious inch by delicious inch.

She bit her lower lip at the sweet invasion, the way he stretched and filled her. When he was hilted, she moaned. It was incredible how having his cock inside her could make her feel so connected to him. “Justin…”

He pumped his lean hips, moving in and out of her in a rhythm she found irresistible. As the pleasure built, her lips parted in a silent cry. Something close to fear slid over her mind at how vulnerable and open she was to Justin right now. A small part of her wanted to pull back, but she couldn’t. The pleasure he gave her was so addicting, she was helpless to deny him.

Justin reached around and rubbed her clit. “Come for me.”

“Yes!” She screamed his name as a powerful orgasm consumed her. It was like being electrocuted with pleasure, and she felt like she would black out from the intensity of it.

His grip tightened as he thrust into her with more power and speed. She hung on to the headboard for dear life. He shouted as he climaxed, his body taut and strong.

She turned to watch him over her shoulder. He looked so primal with pleasure twisting his handsome face, and she held back a secret smile of satisfaction at knowing that she was the cause.

Some time later when his breathing slowed, he got up and went to the bathroom. Afterward, he returned to bed and wrapped his arm around her. Spooning her, he pressed his face against the back of her neck. “Spend the night with me. I’ll have my pilot take you to L.A. in the morning.”

She linked fingers with him, then waited until his body grew lax with sleep. There were so many reasons why she should leave…and just one reason why she should stay. But that reason seemed to trump all the others.

She turned to watch his face as he slept. Justin was just too perfect. She should never have come to Chicago or slept with him, no matter how right it’d felt. No other man had ever given her that panicked sensation of total vulnerability, whereas Justin never failed to arouse it.

If she wasn’t careful, he might take up a permanent spot in her mind. And that wouldn’t do. She knew what happened when people let themselves become that exposed.

* * *

Seven hours later, Justin woke up alone in bed. There was a small memo on the bedside table, and he reached for it.

Thanks for everything.

– V

He didn’t have to get up to make sure she was gone. It was a typical Vanessa post-coital good-bye. A fist over his eyes, he cursed. He really needed to get a woman who was better for him. This gut twisting feeling Vanessa gave him simply wasn’t good. And he was getting tired of the whole messed up hot-and-cold thing they had going, no matter how irresistible it was.

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