Not Safe for Work

By: L. A. Witt

Somehow we found our way to buttons and buckles, and miraculously, we made them work. His shirt came off. Mine came unbuttoned. Then his trousers were gone, and my shirt made it halfway off before I pushed his boxers over his hips.

And then we were too busy kissing again. I’d already come once, so the frantic need to get off was gone, and I could take my time exploring every inch of a man who I still couldn’t believe wanted me.

He pressed against me—the urgency was still there for him, making me even more inclined to tease him now. Whenever he tried to finish undressing me, I distracted him with a bite here or a kiss there. I nipped his collarbone. He cursed softly, so I did it again, harder this time, and was rewarded with a strangled moan.

His fingers ran up my sides, the touch equally ticklish and arousing, and I exhaled across the skin of his throat. I rubbed my cock harder against his, driving another moan out of him.

“Oh my God,” he breathed. “That is so…”

“So, what?” I kissed my way up the side of his neck.

“So—Jesus!” He arched beneath me as I ground against him. “Jon, fuck…”

“Oh, I will.” I kissed beneath his jaw. “Once we get all these clothes out of the way.”

Without missing a beat, he again tried to get my shirt the rest of the way off, but I found his lips with mine, and suddenly his arms were around me again. So much for getting undressed.

In between kissing and teasing each other, though, we did eventually manage to get the last of our clothes off. All the layers between us were gone, and so too were the invisible degrees of separation. No differences in wealth or power. Just two naked men on the same plane wanting the same thing. Gone was the powerful CEO. Here, he was just a man with an erection and all night to do something about it.

And one thing was for certain—he definitely wasn’t one of those unspeakably hot guys who made up for it by having a small dick. He’d been blessed in both areas. Dom or not, there was no way in hell I was going to top every time with him. I could be in control while I was bottoming, and when I was with a man like Rick? Oh, I was bottoming eventually.

I rested my weight on my left knee and elbow, freeing up my right hand, which I ran down his smooth abs. I trailed my fingertips along the underside of his cock, over his balls, and back up again, and didn’t give him a chance to stop gasping and fidgeting before I closed my fingers around the thick shaft.

As I stroked him, I leaned in and dipped my head to kiss his neck. My lips met his hot skin, and his cock stiffened in my hand. This morning, he’d been a million miles above me, a million light-years out of my league, and now he was beneath me, trembling in anticipation of anything I saw fit to do to him. Nothing from a bottle could’ve made me dizzier.

I grinned against his throat and stroked him faster. Little by little, he fell apart, swearing and shaking, hopefully unaware of how difficult it was for me to concentrate on keeping a steady rhythm. I was still blown away that I was with him at all.

“I’m definitely going to have you on top one of these days.” I slowly ran my hand up the length of his erection. “Can’t say no to a cock like this.”

Rick’s breath caught, though I couldn’t tell if it was because of what I’d said or because I’d just let my thumb circle the head.

“If I ask, will you fuck me?”

He nodded vigorously. “Hell yeah.”

“I’m not going to ask, though. I’m going to tell you to.” I added the slightest twist to my strokes. “I’m going to order you to put on a condom and fuck me.”


“Will you—”

“Yes. Just…please…say the—fuck!”

“So willing.” I kissed him lightly. “I love that.”

He whimpered, thrusting into my hand and trembling beneath me.

“Tonight, though,” I went on, “I’m on top. And I want to be on top now.”

“Yes, please.”

I slowed my strokes. Then I released him and lifted myself up off him. “Get a condom and some lube. Put them on me, and then get on your hands and knees.”

I couldn’t recall the last time I saw an aroused man move that fast, but Rick was off the bed and grabbing the drugstore bag off the floor before I’d even finished speaking. When we eventually started playing more with the Dom/sub roles, I might give him a hard time for not waiting until I’d given the full order. Tonight, that wasn’t necessary. Especially since his presumptuousness meant getting to fuck him that much sooner.

Kneeling on the bed beside me, he pulled the two boxes out of the bag. He cursed softly as he tore them both open and broke the seal on the lube bottle. Once they were open, he tore the condom wrapper with his teeth. His hands were admirably steady as he rolled the condom onto my cock. Even as he added lube, he was rock solid. I liked that. Control. Good. He’d be a challenge, and I loved a challenge.

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