The Billionaire's Unwanted Virgin

By: Doris O Connor

She could barely see through her tears of happiness.

"Yes. Yes, I do."

His brilliant smile lit up his face, and the last lingering doubts and insecurities fell away when he pushed the rings back on her finger. He kissed them, and Alice fell on her knees, so that she was level with him.

"I promise to never take them off again for as long as we both shall live."

~Seven months later~

"Surprise!" Alice shrieked as Beth jumped out from behind the settee the minute the lights switched on.

"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, you still go to nursery with a nappy on you…."

Beth dissolved into fits of giggles, and the rest of the assembled crowd burst into laughter before adding their more appropriate birthday messages.

"Minx, I told you not do that." Lakota swung the little girl high up in the air and winked at Alice.

Beth screeched in delight and then scrambled to be put down.

"Cake, we can have cake now. Mummy, you did say we could have cake when Alice got here." Mary smiled at her daughter and rolled her eyes at Alice.

"She helped me make it, and she has been desperate to get her hands on it ever since. I'm surprised she's lasted this long, to be honest. You're late. What have you two been up to?"

"Nothing," both Lakota and Alice said in unison, and he added," Nothing at all."

Alice didn't dare look at him. Her cheeks burned as it was, and she wanted the ground to swallow her up. They had in fact been up to plenty. Impromptu quickies in public locations were Lakota's current kink, and she wasn't wearing any underwear under her dress, because they'd had to leave the car park elevator in a hurry, when they'd realized the CCTV cameras were working.

Lakota had simply grinned like the cat that got the cream, or should that be the man who'd got her off, by licking her into an earth shattering orgasm before taking her fast and hard from behind.

She had barely had time to catch her breath before the doors had swung open on their floor, and Lakota had whisked her past the security guard. The man had not looked amused.

Not so long ago, Lakota wouldn't have dared risk such exposure. However, Selina had been exposed for the liar she was, after she'd made the mistake of actually pressing charges. She had hung herself with her claim that Lakota had raped her that night. There had been no evidence of any sexual intercourse, and Percy had worked his magic in record time. There wasn't any legal recourse that man did not know about, and Selina had cracked under his line of questioning. She had left the country in disgrace, in fact, and the last remnants of any restraint had fallen off Lakota. Their sex life and their marriage had never been happier.

The icing on the proverbial cake had been the day the private investigator Lakota had employed had managed to trace Mary to a tiny town in Arizona. Beth's mum had been reluctant to return to London at first. It had taken an awful lot of tear-filled phone calls to convince her, and there was still a lot they hadn't discussed, but no one could doubt Mary's love for her daughter. After another stint in rehab Lakota had helped Mary to obtain an apprenticeship in a local bakery. Baking had always been in Mary's blood, and it seemed therapeutic for her, and all helped with her road to recovery. After an awkward start, mother and daughter had grown close again, and Mary seemed to have finally put her guilt about Beth's illness behind her. Sometimes, the shadows in her eyes still spoke of the nightmares she carried with her, the years away, she refused to talk about, and the family respected her wishes. In time she would tell them, and if she never did, it really didn't matter.

After everything they had gone through as a family they had emerged stronger than ever. Alice smiled at Lord And Lady Langton, who were proclaiming their enthusiasm for the cupcakes that Beth had apparently made all on her own, and said a silent prayer to the powers that be. It had been a truly miraculous few months.

The biggest miracle of all though was happening right under her fingertips. Alice leaned back into Lakota's comforting warmth when he wrapped his arms around her middle. He placed one hand on her abdomen, which was already starting to show signs of its precious cargo, and nibbled her earlobe.

"Ready to tell them our news, my sweet?"

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