Silk and Shadows

By: Lauren Landish

But I let her have this one. I was late, after all, and I get that she’s doing me a solid by even being here. Hell, if she’d been over an hour late to meet me, I’d have been long gone. I offer an explanation. “No need to be bratty. The team had the day off, but we still had to lift. I needed to grab a quick shower after. I wanted to do you the favor of not showing up sweaty and stinky.” I intentionally poke at her by acting like I was doing her the favor. “Sorry, gotta keep the hardware nice and clean.”

I glance down pointedly, knowing her eyes will unconsciously follow where mine go. Her blue gaze flicks down to my cock, soft but filling up my jeans with her attention. She tears her eyes away, and I add a tally mark to my column for rattling her. It’s a lazy flirtation, but less has resulted in a girl attempting to throw herself at me. But not Norma.

Her face scrunches into a venomous scowl, her annoyance at taking the bait in her eyes. “Please,” she fumes, “spare me the details of your dick. I’m sure it’s ‘sooo big’ and you’re ‘sooo amazing’ but I really don’t give a shit.” She lets her voice pitch high, affecting a vapid Valley Girl cheerleader vibe. I don’t interrupt her to tell her that I’ve heard that exact phrasing before because she obviously means it to be an insult.

I eye her, letting her think I’m considering her attack, but I reply, “You sound like a porn star when you say it like that.” I lean in close, whispering, “Can you do it like that later too?”

She growls, like the cutest tiger ever, and her pouty lips twist. “Maybe I will . . . for the guy who shows up on time for our date.” Something about the way she says it lets me know that there’s no guy, no date. And Coach said he’d made arrangements to cover for our study sessions, so surely, she’s not really going out with someone. Liar, liar, take those fiery pants off and let me see if the carpets match the drapes. My dirty thoughts are disrupted as she continues, “But you’re wasting your time, buddy. I’m here to help you with your English class. Take it or leave it. I have exactly thirty minutes until my plans for the night. What will it be?”

I consider whether maybe I’m wrong and she does actually have a date with some fucker after our tutoring session. Oddly, the thought pisses me off, even if this is supposed to be some fake cover story to save my ass. I like this banter, the back and forth of challenging each other. It’s new, different, exciting.

“Do you really have a date?” The words pop out before I can stop them and her eyes narrow.

“Why do you care?” she asks, seemingly legitimately bewildered.

I smirk, sensing the upper hand is mine again with that opening. “I’m just trying to picture the guy who gets all this fire to melt underneath him. He must be fucking Teflon with the knives you throw. But I bet a soft Norma is a sight to behold, a rare gift.” I look her up and down, trying to imagine her writhing and begging, submissive and sweet. My breath hitches a bit as my heart rate speeds up. Fuck, this girl could count as my cardio for the day and I’m not even fucking her. Yet.

She shuffles on her feet, more affected by my appraisal than I would’ve expected. She’s not scathing me with a flaming retort. No, she seems almost . . . shocked, judging by the way her mouth rounds, her jaw dropping. “Oh.” It’s more a sound than a word, and I like that I’ve managed to make her speechless.

I reach up to run my thumb along her full bottom lip, curious whether the red tinge there is lipstick, for some reason hoping it’s her natural lip color but knowing it’d look hot wrapped around my cock either way. Her whole countenance is soft for a second, suspended in time and full of sexual tension as I crowd closely enough to feel the heat from her body against mine. Time slows as I see her desire to yield to me, and I know she’s not nearly as unaffected by me as she’d lead me to believe.

And the moment snaps.

She comes back to herself and I see the instant switch in her eyes. She steps back, swallowing hard, but the sassiness is back. “That is none of your damn business. This whole ridiculous fake girlfriend thing is just that—fake. I’m not some football groupie who’s going to fuck you just because you give a nod. I’m better than that. Hell, those girls are better than that too. So keep it in your pants, don’t try to get in mine, and we’ll be fine. Capiche?”

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