Silk and Shadows

By: Lauren Landish

She nods. “Good. Okay then, tomorrow at five. For real this time?” She grabs her bag from the table, tossing it over her shoulder like she’s leaving.

“Fuck that. We’re getting started tonight,” I say, my hard tone not allowing any argument. Except from her, apparently.

She smirks, tossing her red hair back over shoulder. “Sorry, I’ve got plans.”

I want to shut her smart mouth up with a kiss. Or maybe a kiss to my dick. Either might be acceptable and would stick with her apparent rule about not fucking.

Too bad because I think some combo sex-study sessions would be a rather great motivator to get my grades up.

Instead, I take her elbow firmly but gently enough that she could pull away if she wanted to. I guide her deeper into the library toward a shadowed corner far away from the main entrance where people constantly come and go. Vaguely, I wonder if anyone has seen our exchange and wondered what was going on. Shit.

“Come on, Brat,” I growl over my shoulder at her. “We’ve got studying to do.”

Once in the relative safety of the private corner, without a soul in sight, I push her back against the wall, crowding in front of her. She sputters, eyes wide. “What the hell, Zach? You can’t just drag me around like some bastard, big-dicked jock who thinks people should bow at his feet and live life according to your timetable.” She’s ranting again, her voice getting a bit loud for the library.

I press into her, letting her feel me and silencing her with my rumbled, “Bastard? Big-dicked? Sounds like you’d like to know for sure. Say the word, and I’ll pull it out for you, Norma.” I know she can feel that I’m already half-hard just from being this close to her, but the thought of her asking to see my cock has a rush of blood going south. I wait a beat to see if by some stroke of God’s grace, she does. When she stays silent, giving me a death glare, I continue. “Look, I apologized for being late, but we really do need to get started. I have a paper due in two days, and as much as I hate to admit it, I do need your help. I need at least a B-minus on this paper.” I lay on a bit of the puppy dog eye treatment, hoping she gives in. My future lies in her hands.

Chapter 3


My heart and my head both pound furiously as Zach pulls me into one of the back corners of the library. I don’t know why I’m following him without protest. I should be kicking him in the balls for laying his hands on me. His big, rough, warm hands touching the skin of my arm . . . I wonder what those hands would feel like on more sensitive parts, like my belly, my ass, my pussy.

I shake my head. No, that’s so not what is happening here. It can’t be. Because I am not turned on by his charming caveman act. Still, when we stop, I’m dimly aware that it’s the romance section, of all places.

Fighting my own attraction, I take it out on him, whisper-yelling as he presses me against the wall. “What the hell, Zach?” There’s more to my rant, though I’m mindlessly insulting him now. My breath is gone, no oxygen to fuel my brain as my body tunes in on the electricity arcing between us.

Then he leans against me, fire sparking as the connection between our bodies completes. I curse the separation of our clothing and then realize he’s offering to pull his dick out right here in the library. I’m shocked into silence, though a part of my brain begs for me to say yes, to have him do that, right here, right now. I can feel his hard thickness against my belly, something that should have me fighting back with sharp words.

Instead, I’m fumbling for something to say like some useless airhead. Pushed up against him, it’s like every cell in my body has come to life with an itch that’s both maddening and wonderful. Hazily, I wonder if this is what most people feel when they lust after someone. No one has ever stood up to my personality long enough for me to even really consider them the way I’m currently considering Zach.

And I’m definitely considering him. Six feet four, I’d bet, with wide shoulders and muscles that ride that fine line between bulging and lean, wearing a team T-shirt that makes me want to pull it over his head for a better view. His hair is still damp a bit, because of the shower he was late for, but the darkness added to his shaggy blond hair makes him look more carefree. His blue eyes are diving into my soul, and the flash of his smile, teeth so white he could star in a toothpaste commercial, brings me back to reality.

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