All Good Things

By: Alannah Carbonneau


I sat back against the plush seat of the taxi and sighed. It had been a long, grueling day...and it was bound to be an arduous night as well. I closed my eyes as I ran my hand over the smooth surface of my laptop. I was taking work home with me tonight. I took work home with me every night. This was no exception.

My phone chirped in my purse when the taxi car shifted, lurching quickly from the side of the road into the bustling traffic of New York City. I took a moment to stare at the driver in awe as he nosed the car into moving traffic without a second thought or even a hint of fear. I moved to the big city after university and I still had not grown the balls to drive. I didn't need to. Everything was accessible by walking or taxi. I had no desire what-so-ever to learn the ropes of the hectic roads.

I shook the thought from my mind as I dug through my mess of a purse for the iPhone I had thrown into the black hole a few minutes before hailing the taxi. Sighing in relief as my fingers located the object of my desire, I pulled it from my bag and slid my thumb across the screen.

We're celebrating tonight. Trisha, my roommate announced through text.

I smiled and shook my head. Can't. I have a few documents I've got to go over tonight.

I have two bottles of wine. Don't argue.

I laughed aloud as I read her text. She was my best friend. When I up and decided I was moving to New York as soon as University let out, she said she was coming too. And, she never let me down. I had to admit, although it had been my decision to move here, she was the one who truly fit into the big city life I dreamed of. Somehow she had a built in navigation system for the big city, while I was constantly getting lost. I never ventured too far from my comfortable niche...which was more like a four block radius.

I could work with a glass of wine.

You're not working tonight. You deserve to celebrate and I bought two bottles of wine. One for me and one for you.

I sighed. There was no use in arguing with her. I was going to be very intoxicated by the end of the night. Fine.

See you soon, babe. Xoxo.

I didn't text Trish back as I threw my phone into my purse. I glanced down at my laptop and thought of everything I had to look over before Monday and shrugged. It was only Thursday...I had time.

I lifted my eyes and a scream lodged in my throat as a large black SUV failed to stop at the red light. I wanted to close my eyes, but I didn't have time. I just stared in shock as the grill of the SUV slammed into the side of the taxi. The side I had been sitting on.

Chapter 1

Fuck. It was the only word I could think of as I watched the black SUV dart into the intersection. I was already stopped at the god damned light. How the hell hadn't the damned driver seen the red light?

My eyes darted to the little yellow taxi-cab that didn't have a chance against the bulk of the Escalade about to plow into its side. I had seen accidents happen before. This was New York. There were mindless idiots around every corner, but none of them had made me feel this way. I had never wanted so badly to run in front of a moving vehicle in hopes I might be strong enough to halt its deadly quest. I was riveted by the passenger the cab was carrying; I couldn't take my eyes off her.

I noticed her before the Escalade made its appearance. She had unknowingly captivated me. She had been staring at her phone and smiling. Through her dark cascade of wavy brown hair, the red of her lips peeked out, tempting me to lose my carefully calculated control. I worked hard for the control I now possessed over every aspect of my life, but in one moment, that rational control morphed into something I couldn't begin to understand. I wanted to jump from my car and demand the taxi stop driving just so I could catch her name. I had been leaning in my seat, hoping to catch a glimpse of the license plate so I could contact the cab driver at a later time and bribe him for information.

And then the Escalade appeared.

Her eyes lifted as she looked out the window, catching sight of the Escalade and I had been lost. They were a stunning shade of brown, and in the light of the sun that peeked down over the accident that was moments away from occurring they looked almost orange. It was as though they were glowing. Her full lips parted. I knew she was seconds away from screaming.

Her beautiful face was a mask of terror.

I watched, frozen in horrified shock as the Escalade moved in what felt like slow motion toward the cab...toward the girl. A loud crunch ricocheted through the airwaves as the two vehicles came into contact. My heart almost leapt from my chest as I realized I couldn't see the girl and there was no movement from within the taxi.

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