Baby of His Revenge

By: Jennie Lucas

“I can make you explode with pleasure...”

Kassius Black rose from the ashes of his catastrophic childhood driven by revenge against the father who abandoned him. With near complete ownership of his father’s assets, Kassius’s last vengeful step is to present him with an heir he’ll never get to know!

“And if I’m wrong, I will pay you ten million dollars.”

Pure in body and mind, Laney Henry is the perfect candidate to wear Kassius’s ring and carry his child. So Kassius delivers his ultimatum confident he has nothing to lose...or does he?

“I am so sure that I can make you gasp with desire, so sure I can make you explode with pleasure, that if I am wrong, Laney, I will pay you ten million dollars.”

Ten million dollars.

The amount staggered her. She thought of what it would mean. She could go back to New Orleans and hire full-time caregivers for her father. Her grandmother, who’d worked her fingers to the bone for fifty years, could finally relax and enjoy her life. Laney could be with the family she loved.

“But the amount I’ll pay if I lose doesn’t matter.” Kassius looked down at her, his eyes glinting wickedly in the moonlight. “Because I intend to win.”

Laney licked her lips. “Just for the sake of argument, if you do make me... um... If you prove I’m not frigid, then what would you want in return?”

“Beyond the sweet prize of your body?”

He moved suddenly, leaning over the bed, running his wide hand in a sensual stroke down her body. His expression was deadly serious.

“If I cannot give you pleasure, Laney, I will give you ten million dollars and you will walk out of here a wealthy woman. But if I make you explode with joy you will surrender everything. You will allow me to take possession of your body and fill you with my child. You will be mine—forever.”


“I SHOULD FIRE you right now, Laney.” Her boss glared at her. “Anyone would love to have your job. All of them less stupid than you!”

“I’m sorry!” Laney May Henry had tears in her eyes as she saw the hot coffee she’d just spilled on her boss’s prized white fur coat, which had been hanging on the back of a chair. Leaning forward, she desperately tried to clean the stain with the hem of her faded cotton shirt. “It wasn’t...”

“Wasn’t what?” Her boss, a coldly beautiful American-born countess who had been married and divorced four times, narrowed her carefully made-up eyes. “What are you trying to imply?”

It wasn’t my fault. But Laney took a deep breath. She knew there was no point in telling her boss that her friend had deliberately tripped her as she’d brought them coffee. No point, because her boss had seen the whole thing and had laughed along with her friend as Laney tripped with a noisy oof, sprawling helter-skelter across the carpet of the lavish Monaco flat. For her boss, it had all been a good joke—until she saw the coffee hit her full-length fur coat.

“Well?” Mimi du Plessis, the Comtesse de Fourcil, demanded. “I’m waiting.”

Laney dropped her gaze. “I’m sorry, Madame la Comtesse.”

Her boss turned to her friend, dressed in head-to-toe Dolce and Gabbana on the other side of the white leather sofa, smoking. “She’s stupid, isn’t she?”

“Very stupid,” the friend agreed, daintily puffing out a smoke ring.

“So hard to get good help these days.”

Biting her lip hard, Laney stared down at the white rug. Two years ago, she’d been hired to organize Mimi du Plessis’s wardrobe, keep track of her social engagements and run errands. But Laney had quickly discovered why the salary was so good. She was on call day and night, often needing to work twenty-hour days and endure her boss’s continual taunts. Every day of the last two years, Laney had fantasized about quitting and going back to New Orleans. But she couldn’t. Her family desperately needed the money, and she loved her family.

“Take the fur and get out of here. I can’t stand to look at your pathetic little face another moment. Get the coat to the cleaners and heaven help you if it’s not back before the New Year’s Eve gala tonight.” Dismissing her, the comtesse turned back to her friend, resuming their earlier conversation. “I think tonight Kassius Black will finally make his move.”

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