The Alpha's Virgin Possession

By: Sam Crescent

The Alpha Shifter Collection, 3

Chapter One

Nick Long glanced down at his watch for the seventh time within the last ten minutes. He hated being kept waiting. All of his time earned him money, and the fact he’d been waiting for ten minutes meant he’d lost at least a million dollars. No one made him lose money. It pissed him off that this bastard thought he could be different. If it wasn’t for the goods he particularly wanted, Nick would be long gone.

The only pleasure he got in his life was the knowledge of making money, more money than he’d ever need in a lifetime. Still, since being outlawed and forced to leave his pack and to never join another pack, Nick’s life was about making money. There was no greater purpose in life than making money, especially when everything else had been taken from him. Keeping a firm hold on the case by his side, he waited for the sounds and smell of an approaching wolf. He was an alpha wolf, or he would be if he was allowed the right of his rank. Instead, he had it taken away from him, along with everything else.

He bore the mark of an outlawed wolf. Rubbing his chest, he tried not to think of the pain the silver mark had left in his chest. There were nights he jerked awake screaming at the memory of being held down, the flesh above his heart cut open and the silver poured inside to mark him as damaged. The silver still lay in his chest. Being a wolf stopped him from absorbing the silver or forcing it out. Everyone would know the collective had cast him out like a piece of scrap meat. The scar served as a reminder to him and to let others around him know he was dangerous.

Until he died every time he stared into the mirror he’d see the mark and know he wasn’t anything but shameful.

Rubbing the back of his neck, he wondered about this night’s purchase. He shouldn’t be doing it, but his friend, Dean, promised him it was fine. Some wolf members sold the runts of their litters to anyone who would have them. Nick needed to keep it secret as this was the only way he would ever get a woman with wolf blood.

Finding out he could purchase a woman, an outcast from her pack, for the right money had given him hope to finally have something else to look forward to.

Another glance down at his watch and he was ready to leave. He wasn’t going to be treated like an asshole just because he wanted a woman. Heading back to his car, he stopped at the sound of an approaching vehicle. Tensing, he turned toward the sound and saw the headlights coming nearer. The scent of wolf drifted toward him. Excitement took away all of his anger. This is what he’d been wanting ever since he’d stumbled onto the auction. By the end of the night he’d have a wolf female in his bed to do with as he pleased. No one would take her away or stop him from fucking her. He would possess every inch of her.

Love hadn’t been part of his purchase. He was tired of holding back from fucking human women. Nick knew he needed a wolf to take the hard fuck he really wanted to give. None of the human women could take the length of his cock without feeling pain. Then there was the problem of them needing time to accommodate him. It was tiresome, and he’d grown tired of the light fuck. He craved a hard, rough fucking, and for a woman to pant and beg as he fed her his dick.

The car came to a stop several feet away from him. He watched the passenger side of the car open and an older man in his late fifties get out. Nick scented the air, inhaling the cruelty of the man. He tensed up in case this was a trap.

“You got the money?” he asked.

Names had been exchanged, and he knew it was Mark he was talking to. The other man was not an alpha, and Nick knew he could take him if things got dangerous.

“You got my prize?”

Mark snapped his fingers. The back door on the driver’s side opened. A woman with long blonde hair stepped out of the back of the car. He sensed the evil within her as well. This couple was awful, what the fuck were they doing. Seconds later he saw the leash the woman was holding, which was attached to someone.

“Get your fat ass out of the car,” the woman growled to someone in the back.

Inhaling the air, Nick smelled something wonderful and fresh like the roses in his garden. He’d never smelled anything quite so beautiful before in his life. Red hair caught his attention first as the woman he’d purchased climbed out of the car. He didn’t see all of her until the woman rounded the car. The leash was tied around the girl’s neck, and clearly it was tight from the red sores already developing. His anger once again started to build. What were these fuckers hoping to achieve by hurting her?

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