By: Tara Crescent

When William and Karen had evaluated me just prior to Madame Lorraine’s auction, I’d imagined Alexander’s hands on me when they’d fastened the clamps on my breasts. I’d transported myself into a fantasy where his voice was urging me to behave. Encouraging me. Telling me how desirable he found me.

Now, he was actually here. The clamps dangled from his fingertips and I was ready for this. “Please put them on me,” I beseeched from my bent-over position.

“Such a good girl,” he praised me. My nipples were tugged, then the tweezers bit at them.

There was a throbbing ache in my core, as if there was a direct line connecting my nipples to my pussy. “Tell me when this is too painful,” he instructed, tightening the clamps until I whimpered. He loosened them slightly. “Very pretty,” he said. The tip of his finger glided over the swollen nub. The lightest of touches, but I felt it so keenly. I stirred restlessly, trying to shuffle my legs.

“Already, I find myself addicted to the taste of you, cherie.” Through the corner of my eye, I saw him sink to his knees behind me, then his lips, tongue and mouth were at my pussy, sucking, biting and licking. Swiftly sending my arousal sky high again.

“Sir,” I groaned. “Fuck me. Please.”

“One more orgasm, Jenny, and I will,” he promised me.

Not that I needed the extra incentive to orgasm again. Each tug of his lips on my labia had me moaning and arching my back. Each slow swipe of his tongue over my clitoris had me writhing. When he parted my ass cheeks with his big hands and swiped his tongue to that forbidden place, I groaned loudly at the delicious sin of that act. “May I come, Sir?” I remembered to ask.

“Of course Jenny,” he said into my pussy. He sucked my nub right into his mouth and I exploded. I heard the sound of a condom wrapper tear and he plunged into me. My vagina pulsed as he thrust and my climax kept on going. His grip on my hips tightened as he stroked in and out.

“I’m going to come,” he ground out.

I tightened my muscles automatically and he groaned. “That’s so good. Ah fuck.”

He was large; he swelled up even more. His hips thrust into mine and he grunted as he came.

I clung to him once he untied me. “You okay?” he asked me, pulling me towards the couch. He put his arm around me and I leaned on his shoulder. “First time in the playroom. Nothing too scary?”

I leaned up and kissed him on impulse. “You were going easy on me,” I accused him.

He smiled. “A little,” he admitted. “But straight up pain doesn’t really interest me that much. I’m rarely likely to inflict it on you.”

“Oh.” I thought for a minute. “This was really nice.”

“Nice?” He sounded outraged, though his eyes twinkled. “Nice? I’ll have to punish you for that.” He chuckled. “Next time.”

“Can I spend the night with you?” It was insane. But I was holding on to him and he made me feel so protected. “Is that allowed?”

He smiled. “Of course, Jenny. Come on. Want to watch a movie in bed?”

I had to giggle. That sounded so normal.

Chapter 20

Ellie / Jenny:

It was probably not good for my mission that I fell asleep in his arms. But when I woke up the next morning, he was gone. Elodie confirmed it. “Monsieur Hamilton had to work, Mademoiselle,” she said. “He left a note for you.”

His note was simple. There was a car at my beck and call. I was to use his credit card whenever I wanted. He would be back in the evening.

I was secretly relieved. I had promised to call Lucien regularly and it had been more than two days since we last spoke. Despite my reassurances, he would be quite worried.


“Where have you been?” Lucien’s voice snapped at me. “I’d have expected you to check in sooner.”

“Sorry.” I replied. “It’s not easy to get to a phone.” That part was true, but I left out that I hadn’t tried very hard. “Alexander’s bodyguards follow me and I couldn’t use the phone he gave me.” Right now, I was calling from a phone in a café.

“Figure it out,” he snapped. “Check in every two days.”

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