Saved by a Dangerous Man

By: Cleo Peitsche

There were so many reasons why I shouldn’t allow him to do this. Corbin was dangerous, and I knew next to nothing about him. I was a bounty hunter, as were my brother and my father—not to mention the impatient Henry Heigh, who had a legitimate lead on Corbin and who was waiting outside for me along with a man who looked like a mad doctor had merged two nightclub bouncers into one body.

But despite everything, I needed Corbin Lagos. He saw me, faults and all, and rather than recoil in disgust, he grabbed me with both hands. He gave me something I’d never had: happiness. No one else had even tried. He made me feel safe and important. He surprised me, and not just by turning up at unexpected times. He was so much more than a bad boy hired by the good people to do bad things.

Most of all, this man with no future made me want a lifetime together. We could never have that, but we had the present, and at the moment he was in front of me, palming my breasts, awakening all my senses.

He lowered a hand to my ass, grabbed a handful and squeezed, pulling me into him. The bulge in his jeans pressed against my stomach and ribs—he was, after all, eleven inches taller.

Corbin glided his questing hand under my bra. He brushed his fingertips over my nipple, and it tightened. Aching need followed wherever he touched.

“Have to go. What are you doing?” I murmured, swaying slightly under his spell.

“Fucking you.”

His forthright words gave me a physical and very wet reaction. My eyes flew open. “But Henry is—”

“He’s nothing.” He pressed his face against mine. Even though he did it gently, my cheek burned lightly where his stubble touched me. “I wish I knew how to change your mind,” he breathed into my ear. His voice was tightly controlled.

“I didn’t make this decision casually,” I countered, my stubbornness kicking in. “I can take care of myself, and if you don’t know that by now—”

“I know you can. You are tough. Anyone can see that.”

And then it was like a switch flipped.

He snatched off my coat and pushed me backward, onto my bed. In seconds, he had my jeans and panties down around my knees… my hands floated over my bare flesh, too late to help him.

“This has to be fast,” I gasped. “Really fast. Not like behind the restaurant.” My hands jerked toward his jeans, but Corbin unzipped and pulled them down. He wore no underwear. Seeing his huge, swollen erection so soon was a shocking thrill.

“Laundry day?” I asked. I raised my gaze to his and saw my lust reflected and magnified. He wasn’t in the mood for joking, apparently. I had to look away—it was like staring at the sun—so I returned my attention to his cock.

It was majestic, if that can be said of a dick that isn’t actively engaged in what it does best. Engorged, straining, the skin over the purplish-veiny shaft taut. And he was thick. I wanted to grasp him in my fist and squeeze, feel his pulsing strength. I wanted him inside me.

Corbin pulled a condom out of his pocket. Within seconds, he was rolling it down his length with quick, graceful movements.

He leaned forward, his mouth crushing onto mine. His lips were hungry, seeking, demanding. I moaned as the swollen head of his cock bumped over my slick sex, and I arched up as much as I could given my hampered legs. My hands scrabbled for his waist, grabbed and twisted in his T-shirt. Underneath the cotton, his body was burning hot, hard as granite.

His shoulders and arms rippled as he positioned himself, his legs on the outsides of mine. When he lowered his weight onto his knees, his thighs bulged, and I licked my lips nervously, suddenly feeling like a virgin about to be taught the wicked ways of the world.

He balanced on one hand and tilted his cock toward the wet juncture of my thighs. He grunted, then one small downward thrust and the distended tip breached me. My face went burning hot and all the muscles in my body tightened, on notice. He drove his powerful hips forward, and I was impaled on his erect length. Hurt so good. A flush spread upward, setting my chest and throat and face on fire.

Love, love, love, ran in a loop through my mind. The thought was so unlike me… but he was everything. I hadn’t known he existed, and now I couldn’t live without him. Love. My inner muscles grabbed onto him with desperate relief.

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