The Assistant

By: Elle Brace

Allen spoke up. “Okay Adam’s family, how about we actually leave? Does that sound good to anyone or do you all prefer to stand here all morning wasting a wonderful Sunday afternoon where I could be having se – fun time! With my lady friends.”

“I agree,” Blake declared.

Adrian looked over at me. “Are you ready to go Shortcake? They can leave and I’ll wait for you if you don’t feel up to the car ride just yet.”

I smiled and shook my head. “It’s okay, we can go. Come on Theo! Hold mom’s hand and Mason you can be in the middle of mom and dad!”

“No, I want Aunt Amy today, can I go with her? Please?” Mason begged, looking up at us both with wide, desperate eyes.

I looked over at Adrian, wanting him to make the decision, and he nodded. “Of course you can, mate. I’ll see you at granddad’s house.”

Mason cheered before running up to Amy, who grinned widely at the fact that she was receiving attention from one of my children, before we all began to make our way back to the front yard.

“Alana, sit with Theo for a moment, I need to tell mummy something important, okay?” Adrian suddenly asked, placing Alana down on the sofa and picking up Theo and repeating the movement. Alana nodded in understanding and turned to her younger brother just as Adrian pulled me out of the front room and into the hallway.

“What’s wrong?” I asked in worry.

“Nothing… why, do I make you nervous?” He asked in a husky voice, pulling me closer towards him and trailing kisses down my neck. The sentence sounded way too familiar to me, and bit my lip in confusion before grabbing his face and pulling him away slightly.

“No, you don’t. Why are you-”

His brought his lips back towards my skin and moved down so that he was trailing light kisses onto my collarbone. “I don’t make you nervous. Do I turn you on?” he asked gruffly, before pulling away slightly and smirking.

A small gasp of realisation escaped my lips as the clear as day memory of the first day I had ever laid eyes on Adrian washed over me like a bucket of water, and I felt an uncontrollable tug at the corners of my lips as they merged into my own knowing smirk.

“I don’t think what you’re asking is appropriate, Mr. Kingston. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to our children,” I murmured, before pressing my lips against his and walking away.

“Tease, you didn’t help me at all,” Adrian grumbled from behind me, catching up quickly as he readjusted his pants with a scowl.

“Of course I did,” I scoffed. “I was your assistant,” I pointed out, before breaking into a content grin and making Adrian do the same.

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