The Assistant

By: Elle Brace

“What Ms. Johnson is saying is correct,” he told them. “She has officially been hired by me. Thank you for coming in today, but you are not needed anymore. Leave, or I will call security to drag you out.”

The 5 girls who were frozen with shock, but the red haired girl recovered quickly. “But Adrian, surely we’re more qualified-”

“I have personally looked over Ms. Johnson’s qualifications and found her to be the perfect candidate. This discussion is over. Have a nice day.” His dismissed them coolly, before I felt his warm breath on my neck. “Come into my office once they leave so I can brief you on your role as my assistant.” I nodded stiffly, conscious of the close proximity between our bodies.

“Don’t worry, I won’t try anything,” he chuckled softly. “Even though I want to.”

He pulled away and I turned to catch his smirk just before it slipped off his face and he turned to leave.

I turned back to the girls – who were looking at me as if they were measuring what coffin would fit me best – and gave them a small smile. “Thank you for your time,” I repeated, stepping aside as an indication for them to leave.

“This isn’t over, you obese pig,” The red head sneered before shoving her handbag up her slender arm and stomping past me, “I’ll get you fired within the next month. This job is mine.” The other girls followed after her.

I looked down at my body and sighed. Yes, I was pretty large in the chest and rear area, but I was pretty slim everywhere else. I went for regular jogs in a park nearby and ate clean once a week. I shook my self-esteem issues out of my mind temporarily, and entered Adrian’s office after a heavy sigh.

“I’m going to be very quick with this because I have a meeting in 10 minutes,” he said, even before I closed the door. “You are to learn my daily schedule by heart. From the time I open my eyes in bed ‘till the time I shut them. You are to know what coffee I drink and have it at my desk by 8:55AM every day. I only like it made by a certain barista at a specific Starbucks 4 blocks from here. You are to know what size I am in everything – including underwear – and keep a spare item of clothing on you at all times in case something goes wrong. You only get a half hour lunch break but will get a full hour on Saturdays.” As he spoke he was shuffling though a stack of papers on his desk. When he finished, he handed them all to me.

“You are also responsible for any irrelevant paperwork that comes through to me. This,” he pointed at the paper on top of the pile, “Is my planner. You are responsible for organising it fortnightly and bringing it to my apartment every Sunday evening. You can email it to me as well but I prefer to have the original copy in case I decide to make any adjustments. Your working hours are 8:30AM until 6:00PM, but there will be a lot of evenings where you and I will stay back late in the office to manage larger projects. Mrs. Brown, the lady who escorted you here, will show you where your new desk is located. You answer your phone at all times and only refer the important ones back to me. Mrs. Brown will give you a list of who to let through. The line for my office is the number one on speed dial on your phone. Any questions?”

I stared at him blankly before I felt my eyelids blink. “Yes, how do I know what paperwork is irr-”

“Mrs. Brown will explain what is and what is not important for me to see or do, and that will become your responsibility. Now, if you’re not planning on wasting my time with any more of your imprudent questions, I’m going to leave now.”

I frowned and opened my mouth to defend myself but remembered he was my new boss so I just nodded and began to turn around to leave the office.

“Oh, and Ms. Johnson?” he called out, making me turn back. “I suggest you keep a spare pair of underwear in your drawer at all times as well. I’m pretty sure you’re going to be needing them.” He smirked before dismissing me once again, leaving me confused with his statement.

Why on Earth will I be needing a spare pair of underwear at work? I thought to myself as I walked over to the room I had seen Mrs. Brown enter previously. “Um, excuse me, Mrs. Brown…?” I knocked on the open door gently.

The woman looked up from the papers in front of her and pulled her glasses back up the bridge of her nose before smiling. “Ah yes, Emily dear. Call me Suzie. Mr. Kingston has briefed you on your job as his assistant, I take it? You’re looking rather confused. Take a seat, I’ll explain it to you in more detail then show you to your new office shortly. Aren’t you excited? This is an excellent job! And great pay, if I do say so myself!” She grinned brightly, and I felt my lips tug into a smile as well.

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