The Assistant

By: Elle Brace

“He loved them! I knew he would; any pair of shoes that is the colour brown automatically becomes his favourite pair.” She smiled and shook her head at her husband’s behaviour and I grinned. Suzie had told me she and her husband had met while she was writing down notes on what was important and what was unimportant to Adrian. He was her manager at the supermarket she worked at and used to pick on her all the time. Eventually, like all teenagers, they fell in love and have been happily married 38 years.

“Are you sure you’re not tired, sweetie?” she asked in worry. “I know Adrian called you in last night. How long did you two stay here for?”

As if my body was trying to answer for me, a yawn escaped before I could prevent it from happening. “I think until 11:45PM. I got home at about 12:30AM though, so it wasn’t so bad. Plus, I have a yummy latté to help me get through the day.” I grinned as I held up my coffee cup.

Suzie was about to reply but a voice beat her to it. “Ladies. I wasn’t aware that my office had become a gossip site for you two to be hanging around in it.” We both turned to find Adrian at the door with a hard expression on his face – and I gulped.

Great work, Emily. Day 2 and you’re already going to be fired. Allen and Lisa would love to hear this…

I cleared my throat. “Mr. Kingston. Good morning. Suzie and I were just making sure everything was in order for when you arrived, sir. I finished all the paperwork you gave me yesterday and your coffee is here, as you requested. Would you like us to do anything before we leave?” I asked, hoping to cover up for Suzie and myself.

“Suzie can leave. You stay with me,” he ordered, moving aside as Suzie scurried out of the office.

“Uh, have I done something wrong?” I asked nervously once Suzie shut the door behind her. He ignored my question and took his seat in front of his desk while reaching for the coffee and taking a sip. I started to pick at my nail in anticipation as I waited for his response – or any sort of interaction for that matter.

“Sit down, Emily,” he muttered as he typed something into his Mac computer. Okay, he used my first name. This can’t be good.

I sat down on the exact same chair I was interviewed in yesterday and instantly began blushing from the mental images that began to resurface in my head. “Am I being fired?” I blurted unintentionally, letting my nerves get the better of me.

Adrian looked away from the computer screen in front of him to meet my eyes and raise an eyebrow, as an amused smirk formed on his features. “No, Ms. Johnson, you are not being fired. We have business to discuss.” He turned back to the computer screen and typed something.

I felt my shoulders sag in relief as the tension in my body released itself at the mention of my job still being in-tact. I began to play with a lock of hair as I waited quietly for Adrian to explain why I was here, and found myself growing bored and impatient rapidly. After a few more minutes, I looked up with a frown as an impatient sigh escaped my lips – only to find Adrian smirking in my direction.

“What?” I asked in confusion.

“Are you done observing the same strand of hair so we can begin or do I need to give you more time because you might have missed a spot to look at?” he asked flatly, as I dropped my hair back onto my shoulders.

“I was waiting for you to finish what you were doing on the computer!” I exclaimed in disbelief, before quickly adding, “Sir.”

“I don’t really care. I require your full attention at all times. We have a business dinner to attend this Saturday. It’s a black and white dress code and I expect you to be ready and here in my office by 7:45PM sharp. If you’re even 35 seconds late, you’re fired. I don’t know who I’m taking as my +1 yet, so don’t make that official. If worse comes to worst, I’ll just use you. Also, cancel my entire morning schedule, I have-” Adrian was cut off by his office door slamming open. The sound of jingling bracelets and the clacking of heels suddenly dominated the otherwise quiet room.

I turned around to find a tall blonde in a neon orange shirt and white mini skirt parade into the office while adjusting the copious amount of jewelry on her arm. I turned back to Adrian in confusion as he cleared his throat. “I have business to attend to. You can leave now.”

I nodded and turned to leave as the blonde rushed passed me and threw herself at Adrian. “Hey babyyyyyyy.” She dragged on the word before crashing her lips onto his. My eyes widened in shock as I quickened my pace and left the office in shock.

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