A Family for the Billionaire

By: Dani Wade

This stubborn tycoon isn’t a family man...or is he?

When Royce Brazier hires the hottest event planner in Savannah to mastermind his charity masquerade ball, it’s just another win for his portfolio. But Jasmine Harden isn’t some lackey to boss around. The dynamic single mom and her adorable little girl quickly penetrate Royce’s business-only facade...and Jasmine’s passionate kisses cast a sensual spell...

Jasmine fears falling for the most eligible bachelor in town, even as she falls into Royce’s bed. Is her billionaire boss’s bad attitude about family based on a deeper hurt? Perhaps Jasmine and her daughter are the ones to change his mind!

He couldn’t think of anything he wanted more than for Jasmine to spend the rest of the night with him.

“Need to go?” he finally asked.

Jasmine hesitated. If he’d been in her situation, he would have, too.

Covering the few steps left between them, Royce let his body act on instinct. He reached out and cupped the cool skin of her upper arms. Then he rubbed up and down, aiming to warm her. But also to fulfill his own craving to simply touch her.

She stared up at him in the dark. Beneath his touch, she shivered, then she shook her head no.

“Then come back to bed.”

That first touch of skin on skin exhilarated him. He rolled over her in the bed, covering her cool body with his warmth. Savoring the gasp of air that signaled her surrender.

* * *

A Family for the Billionaire is part of Harlequin Desire’s #1 bestselling series, Billionaires and Babies: Powerful men...wrapped around their babies’ little fingers.

Dear Reader,

I’ve had the privilege of visiting the fascinating city of Savannah, Georgia, and it was well worth the travel time with its old-world charm, mysterious histories and gorgeous architecture.

It’s the perfect setting for my new series featuring a trio of Southern sisters—these young women have overcome a lot of heartache and adversity. They’ve worked hard to keep their family together, and now they will each grow their family circle by finding love in the most unexpected ways.

Join me as I explore this city filled with Southern charm and contemporary commerce with the first Harden sister, Jasmine, as she transforms the heart of her CEO in A Family for the Billionaire.

I love to hear from my readers! You can email me at [email protected], or follow me on Facebook. As always, news about my releases is easiest to find through my author newsletter, which you can sign up for from my website at www.daniwade.com.




“I assume this meeting is being conducted with the utmost confidentiality?”

“Of course,” Jasmine Harden said, though she had never before had to assure a potential client of that.

“Then I’ll be honest.”

She eyed Royce Brazier as he paced before her in his suit and tie. The floor-to-ceiling windows of his office overlooked the river and provided the perfect backdrop. Gorgeous—the man and the view. As he paused for a moment, she noticed just a hint of something on his neck, right above his collar in the back. Was that a tattoo?

Quickly Jasmine dropped her gaze. She knew exactly how easy it was to read her expression, so she turned her thoughts in more businesslike directions.

“Besides,” he continued as he faced her once more, “if word got out, I’d know where it came from, wouldn’t I?”

Okay, Royce was making it a lot easier to focus on business.

“My shipping fleet has done very well, but I’m interested in taking my business to a new level. To that end, I’m aiming to attract a certain family that I hope will contract extensive work from my fleet.” A frown marred Royce’s smooth forehead. She could almost see the thoughts as they took hold of him. “This family is very altruistic and so I want to do a fund-raising event that appeals to them.”

“So this is all about a business deal?” Though she could understand the logic Royce was working with, the conclusion was still disappointing. The hot CEO apparently didn’t have a heart...

“It’s purely a business endeavor. As with other projects, I’ll write the check, you do the work.”

Wasn’t that a nice attitude? Not. Though Jasmine regularly worked with high-profile businessmen in this city, she’d never had one approach her with a proposal this cold. “Why me?” she asked quietly.

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