Double Dare

By: Cassandra Dee

But judging from Mason’s aroused groan, he liked it too. And with one flash of the knife, the panties were gone and my pussy was out, pink lips peeking out from beneath a small thatch of hair.

“Stop!” I squealed, squirming against my chains. “Stop, stop! You can’t do this to me!”

What was coming next? Was he going to touch me? Lick me where it counts? And to my great shame, my body flushed again, insides tingling, pussy beginning to drip. Oh god, oh god, I was supposed to be a prisoner struggling to get away, but instead, all I could feel was hot anticipation, wanting him to come closer.

Holding still, the dark man brandished the knife again. My breath was labored, big boobies rising and falling heavily as I stared. And slowly, he ran the gleaming tip over my nether lips. Looking down, I could hardly tear my eyes away as the metal grazed the sensitive flesh, tickling, so tantalizing and yet potentially lethal.

“Mason,” I breathed. “Mason.”

Both of us were entranced by the sight of the knife moving against my most sensitive spot. And with a gentle twist of his wrist, the blade moved horizontally against my flesh, scraping off a small patch of hair, leaving me bare and nubile beneath.

“You’re so fucking beautiful,” he rasped hoarsely. “So beautiful.”

Both of us stared as the knife teased my pussy, enraptured, but I wasn’t able to keep still for long. Because it felt so good so that involuntarily, my body quivered, juices running hotly between my thighs. Oh my god, this was so embarrassing! I wasn’t supposed to like it, I was tied up as a strange man touched me. But instead, moaning throatily, I looked into those blue eyes.

“Mmm,” I breathed, body on fire, already begging for his touch. “Please more.” My boobs heaved up and down, nipples hard as rocks, everything open for him.

And never breaking eye contact, Mason lifted the knife to his mouth and licked the blade clean with his tongue.

“You taste good,” he grunted. “Your cunt juice tastes real good, baby girl.”

With a flash, the pocketknife disappeared. I gasped at the alpha. Where was it? What was going on? I was totally nude, cuffed hand and foot in a strange man’s office. What had begun as a regular day at the coffee shop had gone berserk. I was a prisoner, my mind whirling, body on alert … and yet I only wanted more.



I can hardly believe what I’ve done. Well, not really. Because I’m an asshole through and through, and yeah, the most depraved things come easy to me. So yeah, I have an eighteen year-old virgin in my office, cuffed and naked, dripping with desire.

But Katie likes it, I’m not worried about that. When I skimmed her cunt with the knife, she gasped breathlessly, that sweet puss quivering. And fuck, but it looked good. The little girl is so beautiful, those heavy white thighs bisected in the middle with a dripping pink slit. I could hardly keep myself from ramming her right there, making her scream.

But I don’t want to fuck things up because there’s so much on the line and we’ve been tracking the female for a while now. There were a couple women at the beginning, all of them young, nubile and luscious. But for some reason or other, the other ones were eliminated until only Katie was left.

One chick was a ho, she brought different guys back to her room every other night. Hey, I have no problem with women having a sex life, but in this particular case, it wasn’t gonna fly. The board will never believe some female’s my fiancée if she humping other dudes right and left.

Another chickadee got measles and dropped out of school, vanishing off the face of the earth. Too bad, sucks to be you. So yeah, it was just Katie in the end. But who the fuck cares? She was always perfect. Watching videotape, the girl was luscious and round, perfect baby-making material. And when her tests came back clean, I was on it. Putting on a suit, I walked into Ninth Street Espresso like I owned the place.

But the biggest douche was there this morning, trying to get with my little girl. No way was I gonna let some other dude swoop in at the last minute and steal her, so yeah, I picked a fight. I pounded that other guy into the floor, smashed his face up bad, but he deserved it. Katie’s mine, I’ve been scoping her for almost a year now, a part of the master plan. So what if I’m using the female? We use people right and left all the time, and it’s for the better. Like I said, Major Corp. isn’t known for pussy-footing, and as its CEO, I pull the strings. I make major decisions that affect thousands of peoples’ lives, and I’m not about to give into my ancestor’s will without a fight.

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