Double Dare

By: Cassandra Dee

I murmured sweetly, leaning forward to kiss him.

“Good,” I cooed. “Because give it up for me. Give it up for me now.”

And as if on cue, both men came hard. Below me, Derek’s mouth clamped on my clit as his big body shook and trembled, releasing blast after blast of hot white up Mason’s ass. And Mason was just as out of control. The dark man gripped his pole as it spurted like a fire hose, coating my torso in sticky, steamy semen, each virile rope coating me with cum as he roared with ecstasy.

But it’s what I want. It’s what I crave, a life with these two men. Because Mason, Derek and I started illicitly for sure. Not even two months ago, I was an eighteen year-old virgin working in a coffee shop, packaging donuts and hot drinks for whoever came by.

But like out of a fairy tale, a dark, handsome stranger stopped by my store, and a relationship of sorts started. It didn’t blossom, not the way you see in meet-cute movies. Quite the opposite, it was a dark fantasy come true, with another male lover in the picture, a handsome blond giant who craved cum and pussy juice, lapping it up like the sweetest nectar.

But despite everything, things have worked out. We’re together now, sampling one another, and soon enough I’ll be walking down the aisle in white, their ring on my finger. Will it be perfect? No. Will our relationship be flawless and impeccably balanced? No. But nothing is ever perfect, and the difference is that we’re willing to try. We’re willing to go where no one’s gone before, and it’s more than a fake engagement this time. It’s more than the need for a baby, more than the money that’s been released by the trust. It’s about us as people, as devoted lovers, and our commitment is stronger than anything in the world.

So yes, I’m going to become a missus. Against all odds, curvy, shy Katie Jones is going to be a wife to two men, handsome alphas both. I’m continuing my studies, and Mason and Derek have already bought me a small studio downtown so that I can pursue my art. But even more, my lovers want me to be happy. They want me to be satisfied for sure, content and curvy, filled with their cum non-stop, giggling and sated. And what girl would say no? Because there are happy endings out there, and I’ve found mine for sure.


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