Double Dare

By: Cassandra Dee

“Naw baby, no need for cuffs this time, I promise,” he said. “Just sit and talk for a little, you’ll see.”

With that, I made my way slowly to the couch, lowering myself on the cushion as far from him as possible.

“What?” I asked in a low voice. “What could possibly justify all this?” I asked, shivering a little. “This is insane.”

He nodded in acknowledgment.

“Of course, it’s insane. But then again, Major Corporation has never been known for playing by the rules. In fact, the opposite,” he continued mildly. “We’re known for pushing the limits to make things happen. And like I said,” he said, swinging that blue gaze back to me again, “I need a pregnant fiancée, and you honey, are the best woman to create that illusion.”

I goggled once again, unable to help.

“But why? And couldn’t you find anyone else? You’re gorgeous,” I stammered over the words, “There must be women everywhere who would love to have your baby, why do you need a someone like me?”

Mason’s look grew more wolfish.

“Because we need a particular type of woman. Like I said baby, not anyone’s gonna do. We need someone who looks innocent, sweet and ripe, with real baby-making capacity. And that’s you.”

I goggled.

“But there has to be another way,” I pleaded. “I’m a stranger! Couldn’t you find a girlfriend? Or an ex-girlfriend? Or a female friend?”

Mason looked at me wryly.

“We thought about all that, and it’s not gonna work. First, because I haven’t exactly had a string of winners as girlfriends,” he acknowledged. “More like they’ve been vipers after my money. So no, that avenue’s not going to work.”

But that wasn’t the only option.

“But how about a surrogate?” I asked. “I mean, all you need is a fake fiancée right? Why don’t you get an actress or a model or something? There are girls who’d do this for money.”

The gleam in his eyes grew.

“That’s right baby, but I’m not after an actress or model, those girls are dumb as shit. I need to convince the board that I have a real fiancée, and hopefully one who’s pregnant. That’s the only way to release granddad’s money, it’s the only way the plan’s gonna work. So yeah,” he rumbled. “You’re it, honey. You look ripe, fertile, and exactly the kind of good girl that’s wife material. Besides,” he added with a gleam to his eye. “I plan on doing some impregnating, if you get what I mean.”

My mouth went dry.

“Impregnating?” I parroted in a weak whisper. “What?”

“You know exactly what I’m talking about,” he said with another knowing smile. “You know exactly what I mean.”

I shook my head, dumbfounded.

“No, I don’t,” I whispered. “I really don’t.”

“I’m sure you do,” he cajoled. “Because natural is best, right? So that means that we’re going to get down the old-fashioned way, dick in pretty pussy until semen’s gushing out.”

That got me.

“No,” I whispered disbelievingly. “You don’t know me. I don’t know you. We can’t be doing this, absolutely not.”

“Why not?” threw out the big man. “Plenty of people do it all the time. It feels good, you know? Like screaming orgasms and pussies creaming on hard cock?”

His words were so nasty and yet a thrill of excitement ran through my body. Mason Major, most eligible bachelor, needed a fake fiancée for some reason or other. And he’d picked me because I looked like a good girl, someone who was wife material. But even if I was a fake fiancée, why were we talking about sex? Why was he talking about knocking me up the real way? I was just a placeholder, there to play a role. My thoughts swirled, confused and overwhelmed. Taking a deep breath, I tried to get it together.

“Listen,” I said slowly. “I’m not the girl for you. I’ve been with tons of guys, hundreds in fact,” I lied through my teeth, “and never gotten pregnant. In fact, I don’t think I can have a baby,” I pleaded.

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