Double Dare

By: Cassandra Dee

Mason grinned again.

“Surely you don’t believe me to believe that?” he asked archly. “Please honey, we know more about you than you think.”

I thought fast.

“I’m not on camera all the time,” I said quickly. “Maybe I snuck a guy into my dorm. Maybe I have a secret boyfriend.”

Mason shook his head slowly.

“Naw, honey, we have all your medical records, including your last gynecological exam at the student health center. You’re a virgin.”

My cheeks flamed again then, I was so embarrassed.

“You saw that?” I squealed. “Oh my god, medical records are supposed to be private!” I thought back to my last exam and squirmed again with humiliation. The long thin metal instrument they’d pushed into my lady parts hadn’t even been able to get in, it’d been so uncomfortable and cold. And now the alpha knew!

“It’s not private if you own the clinic,” the big man grinned again. “Like I said, honey, we own everything, it’s all in the computer at the touch of a mouse.”

“But still!” I sputtered helplessly. “But still!”

Mason merely grinned at me again.

“Believe it, baby, this is happening. You’re my fake fiancée for the time being, at least until we convince the trust to release the funds.”

I shook my head furiously.

“Absolutely not. I’m not pretending to be your fake fiancée, I’m not having your baby, I’m not helping you get any money out of this damned trust for any reason whatsoever. Absolutely not.”

And with that, Mason approached once more, his huge figure looming, dark and ominous.

“No problem,” he said smoothly. “I’ll give you some time to think about it.”

And with that the cuffs were back on in a second.

“What the hell?” I squealed, pulling away. “You can’t just keep locking me up, this is crazy!”

Except as I spoke, he pulled another pair of cuffs out and in one swift move, fastened my ankle to the couch leg.

“What the?!?!” I squealed, even more outraged now. “This is kidnap! This is … this is ….”

But my voice died off because suddenly a knife appeared in his hand, shiny yet lethal, and my plump body quivered, breaking out in a cold sweat. Oh god, was he really going to? Was he going to hurt me somehow?

But the look in his eye wasn’t that of some mass murderer. It was a dangerous predator, sure, but one that wanted to devour me, savoring every inch of sweet female flesh. And slowly, Mason ran the tip of the blade against my cheek. I quivered, almost unable to breathe.

“Mr. Major?” I choked out. “Sir? Please.” My voice trailed off.

The big man merely chuckled darkly.

“Seems like a little danger is the only way to tame the wildcat within, huh?” he asked. “Seems like you need it a little excitement, hmmm?” he asked smoothly, trailing that knife edge against my throat this time.

And oh god, I loved it. Because I knew he wasn’t going to hurt me. This man wanted me, I could see it in those gleaming blue eyes. So this wasn’t the time to slash my arteries, Mr. Major wasn’t going to draw blood in any way.

And sure enough, the knife moved quickly then, swift and efficient. Mason slid the sharp blade down my neck and to my cleavage before catching the tip in the vee of my blouse and slitting the cloth in two.

“What?” I gasped, the material hanging in rags down my shoulders. “What the?”

But the alpha was fast because his next move was to slice my bra, revealing huge sacks of cream tipped with pink nipples that quivered under his eyes.

“Oh!” I breathed again, heart fluttering like a butterfly. “Oh my god!” I should have been scared but instead, my heart beat like a drum, holding absolutely still as the man wielded his knife.

And Mason knew. Because instead of stopping, he just kept going. The alpha moved swiftly to my shorts, slashing the material and drawing it off my body until I was dressed in nothing but tiny red panties. I blushed then, a full body flame that ran all the way from my hairline down my chest, spreading rosily across my stomach. Because usually I wear granny panties, but today of all days, I’d put on a frippery little thing from last year, something I’d bought on a whim. It was tiny and flirtatious, totally inappropriate.

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