Expecting His Secret Heir

By: Dani Wade

Sadie jerked around to face him, causing her drink to slosh over the rim and drip from her fingers. “What are you doing there?” she asked before lifting her hand up and gently sucking the moisture away.

Zach ignored the tightening in his groin, ever aware of his surroundings and a half dozen pairs of eyes glued to their interactions...and that was just at this table. Zach gave a short nod in the direction of the men, then cupped Sadie’s elbow with his palm. “Let’s get you a fresh drink.”

Without waiting for a response, he ushered her around a dozen tables to get to the less crowded, more utilitarian end of the bar. The whole time his heart pounded with intensity, though he wasn’t sure why the conversation affected him that way. He forced himself to speak quietly. “Why are you asking all those questions?”

Sadie didn’t jerk away, but she kept up a firm pressure with her arm until he let her free.

Zach ignored KC’s curious glances from several feet away, grateful that there were enough customers to delay her interrogation. He turned back to his prey. “What was that all about?” he demanded again, letting anger seep through his self-control.

At first, he thought she would cave and spill her guts. His stomach churned as he realized he wanted to know everything about why she was here, why she’d walked back into his life and turned his emotions on their head.

Then her thick lashes swept up, revealing those gorgeous green eyes, and somehow he knew he wasn’t getting what he wanted tonight.

She wiggled her glass. “I thought I was here for a fresh drink?”

He wasn’t sure whether to shake her or kiss her, but he felt relief as he moved behind the bar. Being that close to Sadie only encouraged his circuits to misfire.

So he tried a different tactic. He let his fingers slide slowly over hers as he lifted the glass from her hand. Her lowered lashes told him she had something to hide. At least that secret he could guess, if her reaction was anything like his.

“You know those guys?” he asked as he refilled her Coke. He wanted to grin at her drink of choice. As far as he’d been able to tell, she didn’t drink, smoke or get into trouble. Her innocence simply hinted at an incredible sensuality that he’d never been able to forget.

She shrugged delicate shoulders. “A couple of the guys are staying at the B and B. The hotel ran out of room.”

They’d been lucky with all the crews that had come in to help fight the fire and pull debris. Unfortunately, Black Hills wasn’t very well equipped for visitors. Every last vacant room was in use at the moment. There were even a couple of fire chiefs bunking out at Blackstone Manor.

“I told them there was a great place for food and drinks out this way. They invited me to join them when I was free. I hope that was okay?”

The glance from under her lashes didn’t seem to be seeking permission so much as a reaction.

It was his turn to shrug. “I’ve always been easy to find.”

Her petite body stilled. She glanced around, as if making sure no one was close enough to listen. “Look,” she said, “I’m very sorry about leaving. I just got...scared.”

He stepped closer, bypassing the safety of the counter. “Why?”

She swallowed, hard. His instincts were to follow the movement with his mouth, taste what he could only see.

Reaching out, he forced her chin up with demanding fingers. “Why?”

“It was just too much for me,” she whispered.

Without thought, he found himself murmuring, “Me, too.”

Startled eyes met his. He could drown in all that fresh green color. Five years ago, her eyes had been just as vibrant. Just as alluring. He’d fallen for her seductive pull and received the rudest awakening in his life for it. But he still couldn’t forget the night spent drowning in her green gaze.

Suddenly Sadie was bumped from behind, breaking the hold she had on Zach. Quickly he shuttered his expression.

He stepped back once, twice, until he found his breathing distance. “Now, what’s with the questions?”

“Why? Do you see me as a threat?”

In more ways than one. But he wasn’t giving her more ammo, so he bit his tongue. “Should I?”

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