Heat Exchange

By: Deana Farrady

Her vision was blurring. Her knuckles were hurting and she realized she'd clasped her hands together and her fingers were like clamps.

Focus. Be cool.

There was a banging on the doors to the elevator. Nyall cocked his head. "Sounds like they're almost in. Guess we'd better get this show on the road, huh, Janey?"

The fingers between her legs did something. She had no idea what. Just that one moment she was quivering, holding her breath and feeling like she was teetering on the edge of something scary and wonderful, and the next delectable pleasure exploded within her—the most exquisite sensations she'd ever felt in her life, including the first time she'd eaten her grandmother's fudge.

Dimly she was aware of his hand discreetly withdrawing from her pants. Of his arm tugging at her limbs and shifting the jacket over her leg. Of his voice casually saying something and him springing to his feet.

All while she sat there trying to manage her expression, pretending to rub her forehead with her arm sleepily while her body dealt with its first real mind-blowing orgasm ever. It went on and on. It didn't feel completely good—in fact, there was something seriously frustrating about it. But it was still amazing.

Slowly she regained her senses, becoming aware of the noises on the doors, mostly scrapes and clattering. She peeked up at Nyall. He was strolling around the elevator now, looking graceful and gorgeous as he aimlessly touched the walls, the panel. It dawned on her that he was providing a distraction for anybody watching on camera.

She noticed stupidly that the hand he'd had in her pants was in his pocket. She also noticed something about those pants she'd missed before. The area in front of his groin was tightly stretched out in an enormous bulge.

Oh my God, Janey. The man has an erection like nobody's business.

But how? And why? What in the world had happened to turn him on? Was it just from what he'd done to her?

"Hello?" Muffled voices were shouting from outside the elevator. Janey heard "hold it" and "a few more minutes" and she scrambled up, grabbed her jacket and totes, and went to the back of the elevator. She looked at Nyall.

He joined her by the wall, putting his hand around her waist. The touch surprised her, electrified her. She saw that his lips were curved in a smile again, different from before. Not warm, exactly, but not smug either—thank God. If he looked smug, she'd swear she'd burst into tears again. Although she wouldn't have blamed him one bit. He'd said he'd give her an orgasm within twenty minutes and he had.

So, what—tender? No, not quite. Concerned, maybe? She searched his eyes, trying to understand that smile.

"Doing okay?" he said offhandedly.

She nodded.

"So what do you think?" he said mildly. "Did you like that?"

She nodded more profusely.

He laughed. "Me, too."

"You did? You?"


"But why?"

"I'll tell you one day."

"Oh." She was disgruntled. "Well, thank you. I mean, really, thank you. That was a pretty awesome thing." She added in a low voice, "I've never felt something so nice before. I see now what I'm missing."

"Janey, what exactly are you thanking me for?"

"For, you know. Initiating me. Into sex. Who knew it would happen in an elevator, of all places, with a total stranger?" A stranger I'll probably never see again.

His amusement was plain. "That wasn't initiating you. That was giving you a taste of what sex is like. A tiny nibble. But you want the whole course, remember?"

"Oh. Right."

"The plan is for you to come spend a week or so with me. I'll teach you how to have sex like a pro and you cook for me."

"You mean teach you how to cook."

"Right, whatever. Teach me how to cook, I guess, then, if you insist."

"You really want to do it?"

"Might as well," he said. "Better than you picking up your average neighborhood sleazeball."

"It's a very gracious offer." She meant it. For some reason, he'd been turned on just now, but it was probably a weird fluke. This would hardly be a thrill for him. Spending a week tutoring an inexperienced virgin when he could spend it in Hawaii or in the Caribbean or wherever he planned to go couldn't be all that appealing.

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