Just a Bit Confusing

By: Alessandra Hazard

“Ryan,” he croaked out, gyrating his hips. “Please.”

Ryan’s eyes lifted to Jamie’s flushed face. “Please what?”

“Fuck me,” Jamie said, reaching out blindly for the lube he kept in the drawer. By some stroke of luck, his unsteady fingers found it. He dropped it by Ryan’s hand. “Fuck me,” he said again, looking Ryan in the eye.

A muscle pulsed at Ryan’s cheek. “It would just fuck you up.”

James almost laughed. Don’t you see how much you’ve fucked me up already? You’re the only thing I want. I feel like a limb torn from you. Yours, yours, yours.

“Don’t care,” he said, still squirming and gyrating his hips in impatience. “Missed you so much.

Wanna have you in me.” He would have never said something so corny to anyone but Ryan: with Ryan, saying shameless stuff like that felt as natural as breathing. “Wanna feel you.”

Ryan’s eyes darkened. Lunging forward, he gave Jamie a few biting kisses before straightening up and grabbing the lube. James spread his legs wider, wetting his lips in anticipation. He knew Ryan was no stranger to anal sex with women, so he didn’t worry about it.

And he was right. Within minutes, he was writhing on Ryan’s fingers, pushing back onto them with wanton moans. More. He wanted more. He wanted Ryan. Ryan’s cock, pulsing in him, stretching him wide.

“A condom,” Ryan said, pulling his fingers out.

Jamie stared at him uncomprehendingly, his mind fuzzy and his hole so damn empty.

“A condom, Jamie,” Ryan grated out, squeezing the base of his own cock, which was hard, red, and glistening.

Jamie tore his hungry gaze away from it and gestured toward the bathroom. “There’s some in the bathroom,” he managed. “I think.”

Ryan got out of the bed and disappeared into the bathroom, removing his remaining clothes along the way with abrupt, jerky moves.

The wait seemed like the longest in Jamie’s life.

When Ryan returned, Jamie breathed out, but he forgot to breathe again, because Ryan was naked. He was stunningly gorgeous, but it wasn’t that. He’d seen Ryan naked dozens of times. He’d even seen him naked and aroused. But never before was Ryan naked and aroused for  him.

Ryan stretched out on top of him. Jamie started shivering when their naked bodies touched everywhere. God. He wanted so badly he could barely think.

“Look at me,” Ryan said harshly, propping himself up on his elbow. “Look at me, James.”

With some effort, Jamie focused his gaze on Ryan’s eyes.

“Listen,” Ryan said, stroking Jamie’s thigh with his strong fingers before pushing Jamie’s knee up and moving between his thighs. The intensity of Ryan’s gaze was exhilarating and a bit scary. “I want to fuck you—I wanna fuck you badly—but I can’t give you any promises. I haven’t figured out yet what I want from you. So you’d better stop me. Now.” Ryan leaned down and sucked on his bottom lip. “Stop me, damn you. For your own good.”

Jamie squirmed under him, reveling at the feel of Ryan’s hot, muscular body on top of him. He spread his legs wider.

“Jamie,” Ryan groaned, swearing under his breath. “Stop being such a slut. Pay attention.”

“I’m paying attention,” James murmured, grabbing Ryan’s erection with his right hand and guiding it between his legs. They both hissed as it nudged against James’s slick hole.

“Jamie,” Ryan hissed through his gritted teeth. “Stop thinking with your prick, damn you.”

“Can’t,” Jamie whispered, looking up at Ryan with unfocused eyes. “I want you,” he said, his unsteady voice brimming with honesty. “So much.”

Ryan growled and pushed in, his shoulders tensing and his biceps bulging with the effort not to move too fast. Oh God. Jamie’s eyelids slid close, his back arching. At last, Ryan bottomed out and stopped, his cock thick and pulsing inside of him.

Why wasn’t he moving?

With a great deal of effort, Jamie opened his eyes and focused them on Ryan. “I’m not one of your dainty girls. You can screw me into the mattress. I can take it.” He licked his dry lips. “I want it.”

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