Just a Bit Confusing

By: Alessandra Hazard

Ryan groaned, dropping his head next to Jamie’s. He mouthed Jamie’s cheek. “You’re such a whore in bed. Figures. It’s always the quiet ones.”

Jamie turned his head and caught Ryan’s lip between his teeth. He sucked. “Only for you.”

Ryan’s nostrils flared. He pulled out slowly and slammed back in, dropping his weight forward.

Whining, Jamie wrapped his arms around Ryan’s body, digging his fingers into Ryan’s back, hard. “Oh God, faster.”

Grunting, Ryan set a fast rhythm, slamming into him, twisting his hips with each thrust, rubbing his body against Jamie’s cock each and every time. Each stroke sent Jamie further in ecstasy, each thrust had him whimpering and moaning as Ryan’s hips snapped forward at a brutal pace, the intensity of it thrilling his senses in a way he had never thought possible. Ryan’s cock in him felt beyond good, thick and perfect, but the knowledge that Ryan wanted him felt even better. Ryan wanted him enough to bend him in half and fuck him in such a primitive way, his strong fingers gripping Jamie’s hips in a punishing grip as his cock moved in and out of Jamie’s hole.

It was dirty, fast, and primitive, so unlike Ryan’s normal caring, overprotective attitude toward him, and the contrast made Jamie shudder and moan. Maybe Ryan couldn’t give him promises, but he definitely wasn’t thinking of him as his little brother right now.

Guttural groans rose up Ryan’s throat, his hips snapping forward faster and faster. His cock thrust against his prostate and Jamie cried out. Ryan repeated it, over and over, until James was sobbing and clinging to him, inhuman sounds leaving their lips as they skated closer and closer to the edge.

“Jamie,” Ryan grunted, voice rough and unrecognizable. “I’m gonna—” He slammed his cock against his prostate and Jamie’s orgasm overtook him, slamming into him, down in his toes and rocking through his core and coiling around his spine. He cried out, long and pitchy as he came.

Groaning, Ryan shuddered violently and came, too, dropping his weight on top of him.

“Bloody hell,” Ryan said against his ear, nuzzling into his sweaty hair.

“Yeah,” Jamie said softly, his body tingling all over with bliss. He’d always known it would be perfect with Ryan. “So good,” he mumbled. “Love you.”

He regretted it immediately when Ryan went rigid.

“Let’s pretend I didn’t say it,” James said, keeping his tone light.

Ryan lifted himself up on his elbows, his green eyes peering at him. “You’re such an idiot.”

Jamie frowned. “What?”

Ryan just shook his head and, to Jamie’s disappointment, pulled out and rolled off him. He tied the condom and threw it in the trash before stretching out on his back next to him. He looked at Jamie and opened his arms.

Smiling in relief, Jamie crawled into his arms immediately, settling half on top of Ryan. They’d done this hundreds of times in the past, but it felt different when they were naked. Better. Much better.

God, he missed him so much.

Sighing in pleasure, Jamie ran his fingers down Ryan’s chest with a smile. “Cuddle time?”

“Uh huh,” Ryan said, tightening his arm around him. “I’ve indulged the kinky bastard who wanted to dirty you up and fuck you into the mattress. Now it’s time to indulge the softie who wants to cuddle you into oblivion.”

“You speak like it’s two different people,” Jamie said with a chuckle.

“Sometimes it feels like they are,” Ryan said, nuzzling into his hair. “The softie missed you, Jamie bear.”

Jamie smiled. “I missed him, too. Very much.”

“Uh huh,” Ryan muttered, his eyes closed already.

“We should probably talk,” James said.

A green eye opened. “We’ll talk,” Ryan murmured. “After we take a nap for a few hours. I’ve been looking for you all over Moscow for three days.” His lips twitched. “And fucking you takes a lot of energy. I’m knackered and it’s your fault, Grayson.”

James smiled and closed his eyes. He didn’t feel tired, but he didn’t mind putting off the conversation for a few hours. It was unlikely to be pleasant. He tightened his arm around Ryan’s waist and held on—while he still could.

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