King of Campus

By: Jennifer Sucevic

Chapter One

Ladies, and a few guys as well, ;) keep those Roan King sightings pouring in. Especially the ones of him at football practice. Hot, sweaty, with an extra shot of gorgeous is exactly how I take my Roan King. Don’t mind me while I type away with one hand…

“Honey,” I holler at the top of my lungs before kicking the door shut, “I’mmmm home!”

Those words are met with a loud shriek as Lexie flies around the corner before hurtling her small curvy body at me. I’m given roughly two seconds to drop my bags in anticipation of impact. She’s lucky I have fairly decent-

The breath gets knocked right out of me as we both go crashing to the floor.

Apparently reflexes are no match when that much force and weight are careening towards you at the speed of light. Physics, I’m guessing, is exactly how I end up sprawled on my back with my best friend and roommate spread out on top of me in our brand-spanking-new apartment. There’s a completely manic light filling her big brown eyes. Matching the look, I can’t help but beam right back up at her because it is so freaking good to see her gorgeous face.

It’s been precisely fifteen months since we’ve been in the same room together. Actually, it’s been fifteen months since we’ve been on the same continent. I spent my sophomore year of college studying abroad in Paris.

Needless to say, it was just as amazing and spectacular as you’d imagine it would be. Even thinking about it leaves me with a tiny little pang of nostalgia for the life I’d just left behind.

“Damn, now that’s hot! Can I snap a shot for my wallpaper?”

We both turn to stare at the tall, good looking male grinning… or maybe the correct term would be- leering down at us. His eyes slide oh-so-slowly over our entwined bodies as if he’s trying to singe this moment into his memory… for all eternity. But it’s not in a pervy way… what the heck am I saying? Of course it’s in a pervy way. Which is precisely when I realize that my dear friend, Lexie, seems to be missing the lower half of her outfit.

Yep… she’s only wearing panties.

Smothering a giggle, she clears her throat. Rather impressively, her voice whips out in a perfect imitation of a mother scolding her three year old toddler. “You damn well better not snap a picture or you won’t be seeing this ass for a very long time.” To emphasize this point, she gives it a little shake and her boyfriend groans in response.

“Please?” There’s a whole lot of a whine filling his deep masculine voice. Which is kind of hilarious because he’s well over six feet tall and is seriously broad in the chest and shoulders. This one is definitely all man. Lexie, of course, filled me in via Skype on the football playing boyfriend she acquired about seven months ago. Needless to say, she wasn’t exaggerating.

He’s pretty damn hot.

If you’re into big and muscly…

Which I’m not going to lie… I am.

“The mental snap shot you’re burning into your brain right now will have to suffice.”

Folding his muscular arms in front of an equally solid looking chest, he grumbles under his breath, “You always have to be such a hard ass.”

Lexie gives me a little wink. “You wouldn’t have it any other way, babe.”

“True,” he finally sighs in agreement, “very true.”

Since Lexie isn’t showing any indication of removing herself from my person anytime soon, I’m forced to point out the obvious. “You might want to get off me before your boyfriend has an embarrassing moment in his shorts.”

I’m joking, of course.

Sort of.

“You don’t have to get off her on my account,” he quickly chimes in as he continues to ogle us.

Lexie rolls her eyes at me.

“Have I mentioned just how hot you look in that thong?” His voice sounds all heated up and I’m seriously considering shoving Lexie off me before something unfortunate, not to mention awkward, happens and I’m no longer able to look this dude in the eyes ever again.

“Jeez, Lex, did you have to molest me while only wearing a thong?” No wonder her boyfriend is all but sporting a woody over there.

“Be happy you didn’t arrive ten minutes later, I wouldn’t be wearing anything at all.”

I shake my head just a bit to loosen that mental image from my brain. “That wasn’t something I really needed to know.”

Continuing to grin down at me, Lexie smacks my lips with a big wet sloppy kiss. “Goddamn but I missed you, Ivy.” Then she does her damnedest to squeeze the very life out of me before finally rolling gracefully to her side.

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