Stepbrother Jerk

By: Natasha Knight

“Glad to hear it, guys.” Our parents walked toward the kitchen, and I smiled at Lisa.

“You don’t need to pack. I’ll take care of everything,” I told her.

She swallowed, looking up at me. At five foot five she came to about the middle of my chest and I made no motion to step away. I liked her a little nervous. It was a good start to things.

“Eight a.m. sharp, Lees. See you then,” I said, slapping her ass hard once, laughing at the look on her face when she grabbed the spot. There was more where that came from. She’d find that out soon enough.

Drinking my beer, I made my way back to the living room, resuming my spot on the couch, feeling good. Real good.

Chapter 2


I kept conversation casual on the ride to the beach house. I wanted her on edge, and, from the look in Lisa’s eyes and the unnatural quiet from her side of things, it was working. Once we arrived at the house, which was set on a quiet cul-de-sac with backyard access to the beach, I parked the car and we climbed out. It was a gorgeous day, the sky blue, the smell of the ocean heavy in the air.

Lisa had attempted to bring a duffel bag full of clothes with her, but I hadn’t allowed it. This weekend, I was in charge. Of everything. And I had packed all that I needed and then some. The thought of it all made me smile.

“Let’s go in, Lisa.” With a hand at her back, I led her toward the front door. For a minute, it was like walking a condemned man to the electric chair. “Relax, you’ll be fine.”

“Easy for you to say. I wasn’t even allowed to bring a bikini!”

“You won’t be doing much lounging, so I didn’t see the point. I have everything you need right here. And, remember, this weekend is all about submission. Yours.”

“I don’t really know what you mean.”

I shrugged a shoulder and dug the house key from inside my pocket. “You’re a smart girl, Lees. At least, you used to be. You’ll figure it out.” I pushed the door open. “After you.”

She hesitated at the threshold. I merely raised an eyebrow and she took the step into the house. I shut the door behind us and dropped the duffel bag, anxious to begin.

“I have some friends coming for dinner tonight.”


“You’ll see later. I was hoping you’d make your chocolate cake for dessert.”

“You want me to bake for you?” she asked, her expression dubious.

I nodded. “It’s one of the things I want you to do.”

“Fine.” She turned to head toward the kitchen, but I grabbed her arm.

“Uh-uh. Not so fast. Living room first.”

She hesitated but went into the living room and sat down on the sofa. I dug out her first outfit and followed her in.

“What’s in the bag?”

“Your apron.”

“Um, okay. I think there’s an apron in the kitchen.”

“I wanted something special. Up.”

She stood and I took the seat she vacated.

“Oh, I want that icing, too, the dark chocolate one. And raspberry jam between the layers.”

She made a face. She hated that I put jam on cake. What could I say? I liked jam.

“Fine. Give me the apron so I can get to work.”

“First things first. Stand here,” I said, pointing to a spot a few feet directly in front of me.

She rolled her eyes, again, and stood where I’d said then looked at me with a what now, dickhead expression on her face


“What?” Shock. That was what I was going for.

“You heard me. Strip.”

“You’re kidding.”

“No, I’m not.” I leaned back, crossing one leg over the other, readying myself to enjoy the show.

“Come on, Jace.”

“You’ll call me Sir while we’re here this weekend.”

Her eyes grew wider, and I swore her nipples hardened beneath the white T-shirt she wore. The latter came as a surprise.


“You can’t be serious.”

“Oh, I am.”

“You didn’t say anything about this!”

“I said whatever I deemed necessary. And I deem this necessary.” Up until that moment, I spoke casually, enjoying the exchange, her resistance. But, now, it was time to take charge and show her I meant business. “Now, get naked,” I said, my tone low, my gaze stern, as I settled deeper into my seat, my cock already beginning to stir in anticipation.

“Fine. You want to see me naked? Jerk. Then just fine.” She pulled her T-shirt over her head, the glare in her eyes telling of her anger. “I don’t know what you think it will accomplish—”

I stopped smiling and cut her off. “For one thing, it will help to humble you. Now, stop with the back talk and get naked. You agreed to this, remember that.”

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