Stepbrother Jerk

By: Natasha Knight

I did truly feel a little discipline would go a long way, but I could no longer deny my attraction to her. Hell, my cock was evidence of that. I stripped down and climbed into the shower, taking the steel rod into my hand, fisting it, rubbing its length. I loved spanking women but didn’t get to do enough of it for true discipline. It was those sessions that got me the hardest. Role play didn’t do it for me. I liked to have a woman bare her ass and bend over. I liked for her to give herself to me to be disciplined. I liked holding them down when things got heavy. I liked making them come while their asses blazed with heat. I hadn’t been sure how Lisa would react to spanking, but when I realized she was aroused, hell, I felt like I’d hit the jackpot.

But, now, I had to figure out how to proceed.

We were both adults. When she’d first kissed me a few years back, she’d been fifteen. I’d done a good job of hiding how much I’d liked that kiss, but it had been for her own good. And for my sanity. She was too young then, off limits. Plus, she was my father’s wife’s daughter. Although, technically, that didn’t matter so much. She wasn’t a blood relation. Still, I’d been trying to do the right thing. She’d trusted me, and I didn’t want to take advantage of that trust.

But things were different now.

I turned off the hot water and sucked in a breath as ice cold splashed over me. I needed to cool down and remember what the hell the point of this weekend was. Problem was, I wasn’t so sure anymore.

When I got out of the shower, I found that Lisa had iced the cake and I heard the shower in her room go on. I checked the clock. Still had some time before our guests came. It was February 14th, Valentine’s Day, and ever since my first year at university, we had a tradition of having an Anti-Valentine’s dinner. This year, it was only a couple of us. Most of the guys had girlfriends now, which meant they could no longer celebrate Anti-Valentine. Not if they wanted to get any that night, that is.

This year, my buddies were in for a treat.

“I am not wearing this!”


I smiled.

Lisa had found the uniform I’d set out for her.

“No way, Jace. I’m not parading myself around in front of your little friends in this outfit!” she yelled, barreling around the corner, waving the little French maid costume I’d brought for tonight.

“Well, if you hadn’t acted like an idiot and gotten yourself into trouble, you wouldn’t be here on a night I had plans, now would you?”

“This goes too far!”

“And, as I recall, you had no trouble parading yourself around in exactly that outfit on Halloween.” She’d worn it to a Halloween party last year. “Besides, the boys coming tonight were there watching your show last year, so it won’t be anything new for them.” Funny enough, part of me didn’t want her to wear it, didn’t want her to walk around in front of my buddies in the skimpy costume, but I wanted to make a point, and this was the way to do it.

“Who’s coming?”

I knew she was nervous about this. Hell, I’d be nervous too. “Just Vance and Nick.”

Her face changed a little, and something inside me tightened. Something like jealousy. Both Vance and Nick were good-looking guys, similar in build to me, and the flirt inside Lisa loved the attention she’d be getting tonight. I didn’t. But there was another piece to her costume she didn’t know about. Not yet anyway.

“Just them?” she asked coyly.


“And what will I be expected to do?”

“Serve us. That’s all.”

“That’s it. No surprises?”

“Nope. But”—I made a point of checking my watch—“If you’re not ready to answer the door when they get here, I will spank you in front of them.”

“You wouldn’t!”

“Want to try me?”

She made a face and turned on her heel, practically running back into her room to change. I laughed and set the additional piece to her costume on the dining table for her to see once she returned. I wondered if she’d know what it was, actually.

Ten minutes later Lisa walked into the kitchen where I was unloading the delivery for dinner: Chinese.

“Smells good.”

I turned to find her dressed in the little black and white ensemble, thigh high fishnet stockings in place along with five inch black patent leather pumps. She’d even pinned the little lace headpiece into her hair. The skirt covered to just beneath her ass cheeks and, as good as she looked, I felt a little jealous at how eager she seemed.

“You’ll eat your dinner in the kitchen once you’ve served us.”

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