Tangled Vows

By: Stella Hunter

The Dom’s Game

Speculation over a star football player’s sex life threatens his public image and that of his submissive, a quiet middle school teacher.


As an NFL star player for the Memphis Kings, Trevor Adams lives his life in the spotlight. All except for one small part. In his hidden moments, he’s a Dom. In spite of the celebrity life and his alternative sexual preferences, none of his partners have managed to keep his interest for long. Until he meets Nina.

Nina Barkley is a quiet middle school teacher. Her life is the exact opposite of Trevor’s. Except for the shared interest in BDSM. She has been involved in the BDSM groups in and around Memphis ever since she moved there right after college. After years of experimentation, she considers herself a switch—able to be either a Dominant or a submissive depending on her partner and what they both want. Being introduced to Trevor turns her life upside down and makes her question her true preferences.

Between the threat of being exposed by the ever-present media, Trevor’s underlying fear he will be transferred to another team, and both their troubled pasts, will they be able to find what they need in each other before they are pulled apart?

Rescuing the Bridesmaid

Can anything go right when a relationship begins with a case of mistaken identity?

When Nate Whitmore picks up an abandoned car to be towed, he doesn’t expect to find a woman passed out in the back seat. Joanne Johnson tried to forget about her cheating ex-fiancé at her best friend’s bachelorette party and ends up mistaking the sexy tow truck driver for a male stripper.

For Nate, giving the embarrassed woman a ride home seems easy enough, until one mishap after another throws them in each other’s paths time and again. As if maid-of-honor duties and jealous ex-lovers aren’t enough to deal with, Joanne must decide if Nate can be more than just a rebound.


Laramie, Christina, and Paige, my beta readers,

Thank you so much for your words of advice, your insistence on what not to change, and your patience as I took so long to finish this story. I swear I don’t know what I’d do without you ladies cheering me on. We may not “compete” with each other, but trying to keep up with you (and your expectations for me) is as motivating as any competition would be.

I would especially like to thank Shayna O’Kelley for her information on veterans and PTSD and for taking the time out of her busy schedule to answer all my questions. Although we both know there is no “typical” veteran, I hope Bailey lives up to your expectations.

Kari at Cover to Cover Designs,

You rock! You always take my vague, nonsensical ideas and make something unique and special out of them. Without your expertise, no one would give any of my books a second look. I owe you a drink or five whenever we finally get to meet in person.

To the residents of Greenfield, Tennessee,

I apologize for any liberties taken in the use of your city as the hometown of my hero Everett Parker. I admit I have never visited Greenfield, in spite of being a Tennessee native. I hope the Parker family does justice to the Southern charm and individuality of your city.

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