The Champ:Bad Boys Book 5

By: Jordan Silver

I had to cut my thoughts off when I found my body tensing for the fight. Just what the fuck? Really? You’re gonna be one of those Wyatt? Fucking caveman? I hate guys like that, always thought they were weak little insecure assholes, especially when I was the guy on the receiving end of their girl’s supposed adoration. Please don’t let this shit be poetic justice I’d lose my fucking mind.

In that split second, I thought of what our lives would be like, me having to go off and leave her while I travelled the world fighting to keep my title. How the fuck was I gonna do that shit if I turned into an asshole? And why the fuck are you thinking about this shit? You just met for fuck sake. Even as I thought it I knew I was just fooling myself. Whatever this was time didn’t seem to matter a damn.

“No.” That’s all she said but it was enough to loosen the knots in my gut and relax the fists I’d formed in readiness. What an ass. We exchanged small getting to know you talk after that and before long she seemed to be getting used to my touch; at least she’d stopped trying to escape me and her body was no longer so stiff. That could be because I never stopped touching her in some way.

If I wasn’t running my hand through her hair it was a finger trailing down her arm or around her ear, and still my other hand stayed close to that ass that had so tempted me from the start. There was laughter and cheap shots flying around the table as my boys and her girls settled down for a nice pre-holiday night out. I wonder if they noticed that neither of us participated? Too caught up in our own little drama.

The gorilla and his friends were long gone but I knew my boys, like me, were still on the alert just in case. Still it had been a while and it didn’t look like they were coming back for more. That’s why I was surprised when this guy came in and just walked right up to us and grabbed her arm. What the fuck?

“Let’s go.” He tried pulling her off my lap but I was holding her around her middle, it was just reflex. She’d told me there was no man in her life, but in that split second I didn’t care, no one else was going to have her, not after I’d seen her, not after she’d made me feel.

Still, I glared at her for deceiving me, why else would this asshole be pulling on her arm like he owned her? For the first time in my life my ethics took a nosedive. I was never one for poaching, never even flirted with another man’s woman, but I knew I wouldn’t let her go.

I was pissed the fuck off though and the terrified look on her face wasn’t helping her case any. “Are you married to this fuck?” What the fuck was she doing sitting here with me if she was already taken? Before she could answer one of her girls did it for her.

“No she’s not, get out of here you piece a shit before I call the cops. She doesn’t want anything to do with you why can’t you get that through your thick skull?” It was only after that outburst that I was able to relax. That’s good, that’s real good, she’s not his, I’m not about to become a home wrecker. I’ll have to think really hard about the fact that I was willing to walk down that road later, but right now there was a more pressing matter at hand.

I kept my eyes on hers and the stark fear I saw there made my gut turn over. There’re only a few reasons for a woman to react that way to a man and I didn’t like any of them. “Give me the condensed version, make it quick.”

“This has nothing to do with you mister.” I ignored his ass until he tried pulling on her again. By now, my boys were on their feet waiting for my next move, before they made theirs. I wasn’t worried about the asshole, only how much damage I was gonna have to do to him according to what she told me in the next five minutes.


“We went out once a while ago, I didn’t…” I didn’t let her finish she didn’t need to. I just stood up, passed her off to my brother who was closest to me as usual and punched the fuck in the face sending him to the ground. “Get her outta here.” This idiot wasn’t as big as the one I’d just taken down but he had mean written all over him.

“Get up you fuck.” I kept seeing the fear in her eyes, hearing the tremble in her voice as she told me about their one date. I knew this story all too well and could see why the fuck would lose his shit over her. Too bad for him she was off the market.

Like all cowards, when he got to his feet he didn’t come at me. Instead he wiped the blood from his lip, looked around as if searching for her and threw me a withering look before heading for the exit.

Jace had hung back as I knew he would, that was part of the bro creed; we never left anyone alone in a situation like this. “Where is she?” I kept my eyes on asshole number two as he left and all the while my only thought was for her. What the fuck had he done to cause that fear in her and what was it gonna take to erase it?

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