The Champ:Bad Boys Book 5

By: Jordan Silver

I bet she had the dimples in the small of her back that I could dig my fingers in while I fucked her long and deep from behind. I’m an ass man; I know these things. Damn look at that thing move.

"Fuck yeah, I see what I'm gonna be stuffing for thanksgiving."

"Damn Wyatt already? We just got here, who is she?"

"That little number over there in the red, look at that ass, better yet keep your eyes off her ass that's mine.”

I watched her as she laughed with her friends at the bar. I couldn't really see her face, just her profile, but that ass could not belong to any but a beautiful woman. Fuck, my dick was already making the mating call.

"Down boy not yet, let daddy make the introductions first, then you can come out to play." I fixed my dick in my pants as I kept my eyes trained on her Grade-A ass. Damn. I actually felt a slight thrill run through me at the prospect of the hunt.

"Dude you're drooling, it's embarrassing."

"Fuck off Chad, that shit's drool worthy." I had yet to take my eyes off the prize it was that gorgeous. My brother turned to get another look and I smacked him on the back of his head.

"Eyes off asshole." We headed for a table in the corner where I could keep tabs on my ass. That’s right, that ass was coming home with me. Hopefully the mouth attached to it won’t be too annoying and I could actually get to the pussy before she turned me the fuck off, which has been happening more and more of late.

For some reason lately, I haven’t been able to find a woman who could hold my interest for more than five seconds. Maybe it’s because all I’ve been allowed to do with one in the last little while is have conversation. Whatever it is, the last three or four have had the look, but as soon as they opened their mouths I was ready to shoot myself in the fucking head. I might be willing to overlook that shit though for the owner of that ass.

I sat there wishing for a look at her face, just one glimpse to put my mind at rest. And then she turned, just a quick side view, but it was enough for me to feel my world shift. What the fuck was that? My heart beat out of time and I got hot around the collar.

I squinted my eyes in concentration, trying to get a bead on the feelings that were rushing through me. Her laugh rang out again and sent a shiver down my spine. I got nervous as fuck after that and hoped no one else would notice, but I knew, I felt it down to my soul. What the fuck was that?



"Traci, that guy's been staring at you for like the last ten minutes."

"What guy...." I started to turn and look.

"Don't look now geez." My friend Christine pulled me back around so hard I almost fell off my stool. I turned forward again, but ever so sneakily sent a look his way from beneath the cover of lowered lashes.

"Wow." I think I said the word out loud, but I couldn't be sure. I was having an outer body experience. Nothing that pretty should be out on the street without a warning sign.

"He's probably looking at you Cris, guys who look like that don't give me the time of day." And what a bummer that was, he was hot. I had to fight not to take another peek, but what was the point? It was a safe bet that he was checking out my much prettier friend.

"You're wrong this time girlfriend, his eyes have been glued to your ass like he’s homing in for the kill. I say we give him something to look at." She had that look in her eye that she’d been getting since we discovered boys in high school.

"Cris, what, no."

Too late, she was already pulling me off the stool and dragging me to the dance floor in the middle of the room. I self-consciously tugged at the too short dress she’d bullied me into wearing this evening. Something I would never in a million years have ever chosen to wear or even buy, but she’d refused to take no for an answer when she showed up at my place and insisted that we were having a girls’ night out.

I finally got wind of the music that came blasting into the room and tried to bolt. "Oh shit Cris they're playing Royals, I can't dance to that song in public. I especially can't after two shots of patron and two lychee martinis." I looked around for a quick escape but found none; she had a death grip on my hand.

I knew what she was up to, but she was way off base here. “Cris I appreciate it, but even if that guy’s looking at me, there’s no way anything can come of it. He’s way out of my league.”

"Oh quit whining let's go." She grabbed ahold of me and I knew I wasn’t getting out of this short of gut punching her and making a run for it. She was hell bent on embarrassing me it seems and I knew from past experience that there was no talking her out of whatever scheme she’d got into her head.

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