The Champ:Bad Boys Book 5

By: Jordan Silver

It's a good thing I'd worn jeans and ass kickers. I couldn't have fought as well in loafers and it looks like I'm going to have to kick some ass before the night was over. These good ole boys were raised on oats and steel and had heads like granite. I know; I’ve fought my share of oxen before I went pro and none of my challengers had anything on these homegrown louts.

The first motherfucker to put hands on her was going down hard all the same. That was all mine. I'll have a little talk with her about advertising my shit in public just as soon as I've had her under me maybe twice or three times. Women tend to get testy about the overbearing male telling them what to do. I give a fuck about that. I know if I find her ass so appealing that others will too as was obvious by the fucking leers, I’m not down with that shit.

My dick was taking in the show and giving her the stamp of approval, this was a good thing but I needed to seal the deal first before he got out the gate. The throb was a little harder than it has ever been at this point in the game, and I had to do a little shift and pat to keep him down.

"Quiet boy we're gonna go get her." My dick could be a bit unruly when he sees something he likes. The fuck was going crazier than usual though, which is how I knew I was in trouble. I kinda got an inkling when I found myself unable to look away, and had spent the last half an hour silently willing her to look around so I could finally see what face went with that amazing ass. That one look had only sucked me in deeper.

I sped up my pace and my laid back attitude was gone with the wind when I got half way across the room to her. There seriously was a roomful of assholes ogling her, no doubt salivating over her ass. I’ll fuck them all up if I have to.




I knew this was a bad idea. I saw the hairy behemoth making his way towards me from the sidelines and prepared myself for an embarrassing showdown. I quelled the fear that threatened to choke me even as my limbs trembled and my palms began to sweat.

I’d already slowed my movements down to a slight sway as I thought of my next move. It was obvious there was no way I was gonna be able to avoid this guy because he was coming in hard and fast.

When he smiled my stomach actually curdled. Now that could be because of the alcohol I'd consumed, or from the yellow tinge of his teeth. I was about to take flight having decided that I wasn’t ready to deal with any kind of confrontation, not yet, I wasn’t exactly back in fighting form. Too late, he was right there before I could make good my escape.

“Come here little darling.” Just as he was about to reach his grubby paw out to snag me, I felt myself being lifted up and back. I didn't have time to react before I found myself turned against a broad, hard chest. I got a quick glimpse of topaz blue eyes before my lips were covered.

It’s such a cliché, but I went up in flames. For a split second in time everything went out of my head and all I felt was him. The room disappeared, the sounds, sights and smells. There was nothing but the feelings bombarding me and the hard body pressed so deliciously close to mine.

A loud groan flowed from his lips to mine and entered my lungs. I didn’t understand the ‘fuck’ he growled at me when he finally let me go, or the possessive way he ran his eyes all over me. “Trouble.” He ran his eyes over me like he was staking some kind of claim.

My heart gave one big thump at that look, but that's all it had time for before I was being passed off to someone behind him. I heard the behemoth roar something but my mind was no longer there. I kind of know how Alice felt when she fell down that damn hole. My lips were still tingling when the room came back into focus.

What the hell? It was the guy from the table and his friends. They'd all lined up behind him. The one he'd handed me off to had a tight grip on my arm as he shielded my body between his and the guy next to him. The only thought in my head was, ‘these guys are huge’. Not behemoth huge, but they had to be at least six four or thereabouts.

"Take care of my woman Chad let me take care of this shit."

The big one he'd passed me off to, shoved me behind his back. I was beginning to feel like a sack of potatoes. I looked around his shoulder to see sexy eyes rolling his neck from side to side as he faced down the giant who had been coming after me.

For whatever reason the behemoth was not happy about being thwarted and was making enough ruckus to wake the dead. The way he was carrying on you’d think I was his long lost love. This was so embarrassing, now everyone in the club was taking in the action. I wonder if I could slink out of here without being noticed?

"Sic 'em Wyatt." I looked at the one he'd called Chad. Was he crazy? That overgrown ape would crush Wyatt. Wyatt wasn't exactly scrawny, I could see the cord of muscles in his arms, and I'd felt that chest, but there was no way he was going to take that ape. That thing was a good hundred pounds heavier than he was.

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