The Champ:Bad Boys Book 5

By: Jordan Silver

All I wanted was to stuff something for Thanksgiving, this shit isn't right. I knew I shouldn't have come to this rinky-dink place. I wanted to go to the city, but Chad bitched like a little girl about mom getting after us if we weren't back in time for the holiday.

In the big city, I was sure to meet some fast and friendly type that would let me fuck and walk away, that's my usual fare; but no, he had to drag me off to Salem's newest hotspot. Now I'm fighting off gorillas with bad breath and getting tangled up with this one. I should kick his ass just on principle.

"Why are you glaring at him, isn't he your friend?"

"No that's my brother and I think he might've just cost me a life sentence."

"Who'd you kill?"

"The Champ."

She gave me a look of confusion before reaching for the drink one of her girls had placed in front of her.

I sat there like a stump trying to make sense of what the hell was going on with my life. I watched her for the next ten minutes without saying a word, just listening to the chatter that was going on around me.

I think I was trying to take her all in, trying to figure out why her, what was it about her that had flipped that switch in me, because I’d be fucked if she hadn’t just turned that shit all the way on. I could hardly get my thoughts together past the growing angst in my chest.

Say what you will but at twenty-five, I was nowhere near ready for a ball and chain. I had at least another ten years before I even started down that path, or so I’d always thought. The one time I for sure needed my head on straight, I couldn’t hold shit together for longer than a second. It was worse than facing the reigning champ for the first time before I took him down. Somehow I didn’t think I was gonna win this bout. And yes I was pissed the fuck off.

Cole, one of my oldest and dearest friends seemed to be the only one at the table who caught on to my dilemma. The questioning look and raised brow he gave me told me he could sense my dilemma. I just shook my head at him, what else could I do? I’m so fucked. And all the while she sat there looking innocent and feeling like forever. The Champ got sucker punched and he didn’t even know the fight was on.

My mind kept going around and round in circles as I tried to make sense of this shit. The only thing I knew for sure was that there was a fuck of a lot more going on here than the one nightstand I was after. So why was I still here, why did I have her all but cornered and marked like I knew she was mine. I’m not into that love at first sight, happily ever after bullshit. It’s just not real; is it?

Yes, I grew up in a happy home with a mom and dad, who were crazy about each other. But I’ve been out there and I knew that that shit’s not the norm. So just what the fuck was she doing to me anyway? How could she tie me up in knots when we hadn’t even fucked yet? Didn’t there have to be more before a man felt like he was sinking fast? One hour, that’s about as long as she had taken to turn my shit upside down.

She fidgeted about and tried to escape my hold a time or two but the third time she did it I wrapped my arm around her middle and bit into her neck. She stopped all movement and sat frozen until I released her flesh, which I did only when I was sure that I had left my mark.

She clapped her hand over the spot and glared over her shoulder at me. “Stay still, you try getting up again I’ll give you more of the same.” She huffed and turned back to the others while I left my arm where it was and nuzzled her. She tensed up until she realized I wasn’t about to maul her again, and then I felt her relax.

Conversation was flowing easily at the table as the new acquaintances got to know each other. I wasn’t interested in that shit anymore than I was interested in the looks being sent my way from the other women in the room, all my focus was on her. My every sense seemed tuned into her and I wondered if she knew, if she was feeling the same high voltage currents running through her that were zapping me.

“So tell me about yourself, you live around here?” I had to shake my leg to get her to answer. “What do you want to know?” She seemed a little more relaxed as she took sips of her fruity drink. I’d all but forgotten my beer. Any woman who can make a man forget why he came to the bar in the first place was one dangerous fuck. “Everything.”

So I sat there like a fucking chump and let her reel me in as she told me about her childhood, growing up in a town a few hundred miles away, before coming here for college. It was then I learned she was only three years younger than I and that she was studying to be a lawyer.

“Any men in your life?” I felt the change in her but held my peace, giving her the opportunity to tell me herself. I wasn’t sure why, but the thought of her being with anyone else made me feel murderous. Chances are at twenty-two she’d already had a relationship or two, and I myself have had my share, but it pained my gut to think that someone else had had her. Had ever tasted those lips or held her naked flesh against theirs.

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