The Dirty Virgin

By: Cassandra Dee

And here my stepdaughter colored, the flush spreading across her chest, those breasts heaving as the pink covered their fullness.

“I have, sort of,” she said. “Mr. Jennings was interested in me too.”

Oh shit. That fucker Jennings was even worse that I thought. So when he couldn’t get Lorena pregnant, he turned to her daughter.

“Did that asshole lay a hand on you?” I growled, my temperature going through the roof. Literally, I thought the top of my head might blow off, the idea of that greasy loser touching any part of my beautiful girl.

“No, he never got a chance,” reassured Cleo. “I just stayed in the van most times when we were at his house. But when mom told him that the pregnancy test had come back negative again, he lost it. He kicked her out … while she was stark naked,” Cleo confessed. “That’s why I said it was so humiliating. Lorena did the walk of shame in her birthday suit, and when I jumped out of the van with some rags to cover her, she didn’t even care. She brushed it off and slowly walked down the drive, laughing the whole time.”

Holy fuck. My wife was a piece of work and then some.

“Did anyone see?” I asked out of morbid curiosity more than anything else.

“No, well just the crew working that day,” she corrected. “Because Mr. Jennings lives on a huge estate, his neighbors are miles away blocked off by shrubbery. No one saw, but it was still humiliating,” she said in a small voice.

“Honey,” I said gently. “It was humiliating for your mom, but you did the best you could. You see what I mean though? You’ve gone through a ton of stuff, but all through your mom. You haven’t experienced anything first hand, for yourself, that’s why I can’t do this right now. You’re too young.”

And again, I silently cursed. What the fuck was wrong with me? Why wasn’t I taking this hot little piece of ass who was offering herself, willingly giving what I wanted so bad?

But the girl nodded.

“Okay Daddy,” she murmured, looking at me through her lashes. “I hear you. I understand.”

But I had a feeling that Cleo hadn’t given up yet.



It was so odd that my stepdad decided not to touch me. After all, I’ve seen the way he looks at me, the way he eats me up with his eyes. So for him to suddenly pull the “you’re too young” stuff was a shocker. Drake Markham, Master of the Universe, actually had some ethics.

I admit, I’d expected him to fuck me that night, for us to dive right into an illicit relationship, touching each other everywhere, his cock buried deep in my cunny. And I’d made it easy for him too, coming on strong, telling him, showing him with my actions that I was wanton, wet, and willing.

But surprisingly the big man turned me down. And Drake’s rejection has made me so … happy. So happy that I can barely breathe, I’m positively vibrating, the air humming around me with energy. I smiled at myself in the mirror, singing a little as I brushed out my hair, the long red strands gleaming in the light. It’s just so different from what I’m used to. Someone was looking out for me, with my best interests at heart. Drake could have taken candy from a baby, but he didn’t, and my heart felt like it might burst with joy. So I almost didn’t hear when a knock came at the door.

“Come in,” I sang out. I half-expected it to be Drake again, but it was my mom, slinking in, her curvy form squeezed into a skintight red dress. She probably had a date with Carlos tonight, who knew where they were going, but the scarlet dress was sure to see the floor at some point.

“Mom, I didn’t expect you,” I said, turning to look at her, keeping my voice even. “Where are you headed?” I said indicating the dress.

“Oh nowhere,” said my mom breezily. “Nowhere you’d know.”

I rolled my eyes.

“Okay, fine,” I said deadpan. “It’s up to you.”

“Well, since you’ve asked,” she pouted. “I’ve been thinking of visiting Mr. Jennings on the North Shore.”

Oh my god. The same Mr. Jennings who’d kicked her out stark naked? Oh god.

“Lorena, get a grip,” I said tightly. “This guy is no good, don’t you remember? He treated you like shit, made you do the walk of shame naked, and threw his dog’s crap at you too. Why? Why would you visit him?”

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