The Dirty Virgin

By: Cassandra Dee

“Ohhh!” I whined. It felt so good, my little clit vibrating from the touch, the way his fingers immediately smoothed over the sting, running through my folds. “Ohhh!”

“Baby girl,” whispered Drake harshly, his eyes never leaving my face. “Once more. Which cherry do you want Daddy to pop first?”

And without even thinking about it, I blurted, “Pussy! Pop my pussy cherry first, please Daddy!”

And Drake finally dropped a kiss on my clit, flicking it with his tongue, murmuring against my cunt.

“That’s right baby girl, when Daddy asks you a question, you answer right away,” he rumbled, lapping at my pussy. I heaved and gasped on his lap, my voice becoming a whine of pleasure as he licked my pinkness, pulling my labia apart to sample my clit, tease me a bit before settling into a deep suckle.

“Oh,” I moaned, writhing on his lap, “Yes, Daddy, please!”

By now, my tits had fallen out of my tank and I was playing with my nipples, pulling and twisting them, rolling the hard pebbles between my fingers.

But suddenly Drake slapped my pussy again, making me jerk up with a shocked gasp before melting again into a puddle, every nerve on fire.

“Daddy,” I panted, “what’d I do this time?”

“You don’t touch yourself until I tell you to,” he ground out, eyeing my breasts possessively. “Those tits, that ass, that cunny, they belong to me,” he said coolly. “No one touches them until I say so, and that includes you.”

My face colored. Oh god, Drake was so possessive but it made me feel fantastic inside, I wanted it so badly, wanted to sample him, feel him in me even more. And suddenly I had an idea.

Slowly lifting a knee I looked him in the eye, baring my cunt to him, the pink pulsing and slick.

“Daddy, you know I’m a virgin still,” I reminded him coyly, holding my pussy lips apart, giving him a view up my pulsing channel. “I just have one request. Will you lick my hymen before it breaks?”



She was so dirty and I loved it. Cleo was my dirty virgin and I loved every second of it, the way she was laid out on my lap now, her tits falling out of her tank top, her pussy bare, those little shorts a heap on the floor.

And I loved how she was so bold even though I’d just spanked her. Asking me to lick her hymen? Oh shit, yes.

But I wanted to do just more than just lick. I lifted Cleo so that her cunny was poised above me and slowly trailed my fingers over her lower lips, her snatch bare and smooth like a baby’s. She whined, her eyes closed, her hips gyrating against my hand.

“Does that feel good, little girl?” I whispered. “Does it feel good when Daddy massages your twat?”

“Yes,” she gasped. “Yes! Yes! More, please,” she panted in my ear as her vagina ran heavily, drenching my fingers in her juice. I would have been happy to touch her forever, fingering her, exploring her hole, except that I’d promised to taste her hymen. I picked her up as she clung to my large frame and strode over to the couch, placing her on her feet in front of it. She wobbled like a newborn colt, turning to look at me with a hungry, questioning air.

“Now baby,” I said, spinning her around so that she faced the armchair. “Brace your hands against the sofa and lift your ass.”

She looked at me over her shoulder, not sure what came next. Except I knew exactly how I wanted to taste my baby. I pushed her back down so that her snatch was on display and spread her labia wide, baring that beautiful pink pussy.

“Oh!” she squealed in shock. Because Cleo was about to feel a man’s tongue for the first time.

With any hesitation, I pressed my face into her bottom from the back, running my tongue deeply all the way from her clit to her anus, giving her a thorough lick. I paused at her dark star, inhaling her perfume, letting myself breathe in her musky ass scent before turning back to her twat. I nudged her legs wider so that the folds were on display and pulled them apart so I could look deep into that steaming pink channel. Ahhh perfect. She was so tiny, her hole so tight that it was just the merest opening, the tiniest bit of darkness peeking out between those juicy flaps. Slowly, I traced my tongue along every crevice, every nook of her cunt, letting myself savor her female juice.

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