The Dirty Virgin

By: Cassandra Dee

“Aieee!” she shrieked, knees buckling, legs unsteady as I drank from her vagina. I stroked the back of her thighs, pausing for a moment, murmuring encouragement as I lifted and squeezed her butt cheeks.

“Shhh, shhh,” I rumbled, “that’s my good little girl,” I said before helping myself to another heap of tasty twat.

This time I suckled her clit, alternately licking and sucking that hardened nub, teasing it with my tongue as her juices slid down my throat.

“Ah fuck, little girl you taste so good,” I moaned into her folds, pushing my tongue into her hole before trailing up and down between her labia again. By now, my mouth and nose were soaked in her femaleness, and I needed to bury myself in her stet.

I stood, popping my dick out of my pants. Like a fucking sword, it sprang out at ninety degrees, hard, hot and heavy, ten inches long, dribbling like a fucking faucet, I was so horny.

“Daddy,” she breathed, her eyes huge as she eyed it from over her shoulder. “Is it going to fit?”

“I don’t know baby, but we’re going to find out,” I rumbled.

I ran my dick up and down between her pussy lips, coating the shaft, letting myself bask in the heat running from her cunt. Cleo contracted and pulsed against me, her pussy instinctively knowing its mate, gushing a bit as I lubed myself up in her juices.

“Ohhhh,” she moaned, tilting her hips back, instinctively trying to catch me in her hole. I chuckled and lubed up some more, letting her feel each throbbing vein along my pole, dragging my glans across those puffy lips, teasing her a bit.

With a swift arch of her back, she caught me in her, wriggling slightly so that I was buried about an inch.

“Mmm, Daddy like that,” she said saucily. Oh fuck. The sight of her teen twat with my pole sticking out made me shudder, and I reflexively pushed in more, Cleo crying out and arching her back.

“Oh it’s so tight!” she cried. “Slow Daddy slow!”

“Mmm baby, I will,” I promised, running my hand up and down her haunches. Her buttocks were smooth and gleaming, pearly white in the low lights, and I stroked them before running a hand up to grip at her breasts, squeezing those mounds, pulling at her nipples, stimulating her from another angle.

“Ready for more?” I murmured into her neck. Without bothering to wait for a reply, I pushed forwards again, pressing against the resistance, burrowing my way into those fleshy pink folds. She was so tight that when her pussy convulsed reflexively, it almost pushed my dick out, the rolling of her muscles like a giant wave. But I braced myself against her hips and held her down, my dick still in her cunny.

“There’s more honey, we’re not done yet,” I husked. This time, I shoved my hips forward all the way, breaking through a barrier within, making her shriek and spasm with pain and hurt.

“Oh!” she gasped, her breasts heaving, a sweat breaking out on those smooth haunches, tantalizing me, titillating me as I stood completely still inside her, letting that little cunt taste its first dick.

“You like?” I growled, reaching beneath to stimulate her clit. It helped a bit and within a few seconds, I could feel her grinding back with her hips, her pussy loosening slightly, beginning to pulse and flex on my fuckpole. “Yeah, you like, don’t you?” I growled again, this time straightening up and grabbing her by the waist to begin a deep fuck.

And I didn’t hold back. I fucked that virgin pussy like it was a mature one. She was so tight, so hot, so wet that I almost lost my nut immediately. But I took a deep breath, instead reaming her again and again, pushing my dick deep, hitting my tip against that rubbery cervix. And when the time came, I didn’t hold back. With a mighty roar, I erupted in her, my man milk showering her insides, coating her ovaries with sperm, spraying her fertile fields.

As I pumped, the little girl came too, her first man-made orgasm. She shrieked loudly, her breasts swaying beneath her as her cunny spasmed around me, gripping my cock with wave after wave of pleasure, the folds vibrating and trembling as they clenched down hard. Her spasms were so violent they almost forced me out of her body but I resisted, grabbing her butt cheeks and planting my dick firmly inside.

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