The Dirty Virgin

By: Cassandra Dee

But another wonderful surprise happened as well. As she jerked and squealed, her pussy began to spray. At first, it felt like a warm drizzle against my lower thighs and I figured it was just some female cum. But when the drizzle became a shower, I realized that my step was a squirter, a true female ejaculator. Fuck fuck fuck. I was a lucky man.

I let our bodies run their course, my sacs emptying into her body, depositing the virile seed into her sweet insides as her cunny pumped me for more, her juices spraying like a garden hose every which way. It was fucking amazing, my step was a talented little girl, we were both coated in her cum now, the juices on my thighs and abs, smeared all over her ass and legs.

And as we calmed and relaxed, I stroked her shoulders, smoothing that creamy skin, letting myself enjoy the feminine curve of her back.

“Did you like it honey?” I murmured into her ear, pulling myself out, watching as cum spilled down her thigh.

“Oh Daddy,” she moaned, looking at me mischievously over her shoulder. “Again?”

And I knelt behind her, tracing my tongue over those sweet folds, ready to begin the second assault.



Drake was so sweet and caring. After he took my pussy cherry, he picked me up and took me to the bathroom, kicking the door shut behind us before placing me down to stand on the tile floor.

He surveyed my body slowly, his eyes running over my sweet curves. My pussy was running with cream, his semen smeared over my thighs, mixing for a heady brew with my juices.

But I was a little embarrassed at how exposed I was even though he’d just been in my body, and covered my boobs with my hands, shielding them, suddenly shy.

“Daddy,” I whispered. “I feel empty.”

Drake chuckled as he nuzzled my neck, blasting the hot water before pulling me in with him.

“Daddy will solve that momentarily,” he rumbled, “Just let me get you clean first.”

And slowly he massaged shower gel over my body, trailing his fingers over my lush curves, squeezing and rolling my breasts in his hands, letting his fingers slide into the vee between my thighs.

“Ahh!” I moaned, my legs parting automatically.

“Baby I usually want my sperm in you, I want this hot white to stay as long as possible in your channel,” he said as he massaged my twat, “but this time, I’m going to help you get clean, get fresh because Daddy’s taking you in the behind next.”

And I couldn’t answer because his fingers were working magic on me, stroking in circles around my clit, teasing the little nub before lightly flicking it, giving it a firm pinch.

And I lost it then, it felt so good that I creamed immediately, shivers running through my body, spreading from my cunt to the tips of my fingers and toes, making me go weak inside.

“Ohhhh!” I squealed, my cunny giving it up, gushing heavily, my nectar overflowing.

And Drake was on his knees before me in a second, drinking it up, letting my honey spill down his throat, savoring every last drop.

“Mmm, baby your twat juice is amazing,” he murmured against my folds. “I love when you gush into my mouth.”

And with his tongue, he lapped at my hole, collecting as much cream as possible before pushing it backwards to my ass.

“Oh!” I shrieked. It felt so good to have a man there, his tongue touching my asshole, rimming my sweet ring, making it wink and pucker delightfully. And Drake merely laughed deep in his chest, pushing me back until I sat on the seat in the shower, taking a thigh in each big hand and lifting my legs until my feet were balanced on the edge of the ledge, my pussy and ass exposed to his gaze.

And he stared at me, the pink flesh vibrating still, little shocks occasionally running through my cunt, my clit still hard and erect.

“Fuck,” he groaned before diving in again, licking every square inch of real estate, circling my back hole before coming up to my pussy again to pick up some cream before spreading it to my ass.

Finally satisfied that I was sufficiently lubed, Drake knelt in front of me, his dick erect, pulsing and dripping at the tip, ten inches of ecstasy at full attention.

“Baby, Daddy’s gonna get his cock wet in you,” he ground out as he pressed into my cunny.

And with a gasp and a shriek, Drake was buried to the balls in me again. I was sore, so sore, but it felt so good too, the tip of his shaft reaching almost to my throat.

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