The Dirty Virgin

By: Cassandra Dee

And we pulled up at the curb of a totally anonymous building.

“Are you sure this is a gentlemen’s club?” I asked dubiously, getting out. Absolutely nothing about the establishment gave any indication of what went on inside. The windows were blacked out and there was the dim thumping of music, but that could have been the bar across the street. Only a neon outline of a donkey lit up the sky, indicating that we were at the right place.

“Oh please baby, of course this is the right place,” sang my mom. “I’ve been here a million times. Come on, let’s go.”

And when we stepped into the Donkey Club that night I could see why my mom had suggested the overalls. The place was fucking ridiculous. This wasn’t a gentlemen’s club, this was a countrified trailer-park nickel and dime strip tease. A long, low bar took up half the room with signs overhead flashing Corona, Coors, your choice of cheap beer. Peanut shells littered the floor, sawdust coming up in fumes, and the tables didn’t look so clean either, grimy and smeared with unidentifiable sticky substances.

But what caught my attention were the three poles in the center of the room, girls gyrating under the spotlights, letting it all go in time to the thump of the music. The sheer explicitness of their moves, the uninhibited dancing, took my breath away. One girl was bent over, totally nude, her hands on the ground, cunny pressed backwards against the gleaming golden pole. And as the crowd roared, she humped her butt up and down, rubbing her snatch against the metal, smiling and winking at the audience.

But it wasn’t over yet. Slowly the brunette pulled her vag away, the pole now smeared with her pussy juice, the golden color dimmed with creamy white. And the chickie hopped around so that she was face-forward on her knees, caressing the rigid metal as she swiped at it with her tongue, licking up that delicious nectar. Oh yeah, she was tasting her honey, lasciviously licking her lips as she sucked up pussy cream.

But the woman next to her was even more daring. I watched with shocked eyes as she danced to the edge of the stage, pulling her g-string to the side, and let a man nuzzle between her legs. Oh yeah, I was sure he’d licked her there, tasted that little clit judging from the shiver than ran through her body, the half-closed eyes, the wetness smeared on her thighs. And the woman let out a little half-scream of ecstasy before snapping her thong back in place, dancing over to another crowd of men, shimmying seductively before doing a full squat, the material hiding nothing, pussy lips gleaming, bisected only by the tiniest string of fabric.

Breathing hard, I tried to look nonchalant, like I wasn’t a total newbie, but my nervousness was overwhelming.

“Mom, are you sure this is the right place?” I whispered again, poking her in the ribs, eyes darting right and left. “Is this what happens at gentlemen’s bars?”

My mom just tittered, patting my hand gently.

“Of course this is the right place, baby,” she purred. “You’ve just never seen the seedier side of things, girls who really know how to hustle. Jimmy, over here!” she called, waving one hand.

And a man came up to us, gushing.

“Lorena, you look fantastic. We’ve missed you!” he exclaimed. “It’s been a sad three years without you here at the Donkey Club.”

Wait a minute, my mom had worked here just three years ago?

“Hi Jimmy,” she purred, taking off her coat. “I’ve missed you guys too, but I brought something … err, someone to make up for my absence,” she said. “This is my daughter Cleo.”

Jimmy gaped, looking at me.

“Lorena!” he exclaimed. “You have a daughter who’s eighteen? You are so young, so beautiful, I never guessed you had children.”

My mom smirked. “I had my baby early, but you know us Latinas,” she said. “We are beaooo-tee-ful forever. Think Sofia Vergara. You know that bitch has an adult son? Oh yeah and she’s still got that va-va-voom.”

“That’s definitely true,” murmured Jimmy appreciatively, practically drooling at my mom’s sassy curves. “Ladies, let me show you to our VIP area. Can I take your coat?” he said, courteously extending an arm.

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