The Dirty Virgin

By: Cassandra Dee

My breath caught. Was I getting the wrong vibe? Something told me that my little girl was coming onto me with the seductive look in her eyes, those creamy, pale thighs displayed under her skirt.

“Honey,” I said smoothly. “Your mom and I … We have some things to work out, but you don’t need to worry about a thing.”

“But Daddy, I want you to be happy,” she replied, “and I’m not sure that you are,” she said coyly, nodding towards my crotch. “Daddy,” she added breathily, “doesn’t it hurt down there? Don’t you need someone to help you relax?”

I was so still that I barely breathed. Was my stepdaughter actually referring to my crotch? This was so fucking wrong. But Cleo took it one step further.

“Do you want me to suck you, Daddy?” she said, her face serious, her hand reaching over to trace my throbbing length. “It’s okay, I wouldn’t mind, the girls at school talk about it all the time. Wouldn’t it make you feel good?”

I almost choked. Holy shit, my little girl was offering me a blow job. I knew I had to say no, it was wrong on a million levels, but I found her so refreshing, her straightforward, innocent ways a welcome relief from the deviousness of adult women.

“Honey,” I said gently. “I don’t think it’s a good idea. We’re legally related, even if not by blood.”

“But Daddy,” she said innocently, running her hand up and down my crotch again. “Look how big your dong is. Isn’t it painful? Wouldn’t it help if I gave you some relief?”

And by god, my penis had gone from semi-hard to diamond-hard in a second, the minute my girl started talking about sex. It was rigid like plywood, punching out uncomfortably against my trousers.

I shifted in my seat, trying to get comfortable, adjusting myself discreetly.

“Baby, it would help but it’s wrong, do you understand?” I said gently. “Your mom’s just down the hall. It’s not right to do this.”

“But Daddy,” said Cleo. “Mommy doesn’t want you … and I do.”

And I lost it. My little girl wanted to suck me, wanted me to push my dick into her pouty teen mouth, and I couldn’t resist anymore. I was too sex-deprived, too horny, too desperate. “Baby, come and sit on Daddy’s knee and tell me more,” I said silkily, gesturing for her to come closer. “When did you start to notice Daddy?”

She came like a willing cumslut, positioning herself on my thigh, straddling me, her tiny skirt riding up so that she was basically humping my leg with her pussy. Her clit was so big, so hot and hard, that I could feel it through the thin cotton of her panties, pressing against my leg, a tiny rock of stimulation.

“Daddy, I’ve always noticed you,” she cooed into my ear, her breath moist and warm on my neck. “You just didn’t see me.”

I guess that was true. Just a year ago she’d been gangly and awkward, invisible. But now my little step was a firecracker.

“Baby,” I said slowly. “Do you know what you’re getting into?” I asked as I slowly stroked her back.

She moaned and arched, throwing her head back, almost purring against my hand, stretching luxuriously, sinuously.

“Of course Daddy,” she said, her green eyes seductive and glinting, doing a little roll of her hips on my thigh. I fucking couldn’t breathe for a moment. Her pussy had gushed, and I felt a spurt of wetness through her panties, drenching my leg through my trousers, her hot box leaking gallons.

“But Daddy,” she said seriously, looking deep into my eyes. “I’m a virgin and you’re going to be my first.”

Oh fuck. Oh my god. So my little step’s delicious teen twat had never been violated and she was asking me to be her first dick? Oh god.

“Baby,” I said again, this time, letting my hand skim down to her waist, tracing over a luscious, juicy buttock. “Do you know what happens between a man and a woman?”

“Of course Daddy!” she laughed. “You put your penis in my vagina and we make a baby!”

Holy shit, I’d completely forgotten about protection.

“That’s right, honey,” I rumbled, my hands growing bolder, tracing her curves, one big hand running up her thigh to the hem of the plaid skirt. “Are you ready to be a mommy?”

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