The Dirty Virgin

By: Cassandra Dee

She looked at my shyly, batting her lashes. “With you, I am,” she breathed.

And that fucking broke all of my barriers. I ravaged her mouth with mine, gripping her hair as I tilted her forward, driving my tongue into her mouth, tasting her sweetness. She was hot and wet in her tiny cavity, her tongue questing to meet mine, not at all shy as she pressed herself closer to me in my lap.

“Oh Daddy!” she sighed, her breath like warm butterflies skimming my skin.

I let my hands roam her body uncontrolled. Her breasts were large and pendulous, overflowing my palms, and slowly, oh so slowly, I untied the knot between her tits, letting the material swing free, her creamy mounds on display. The little girl hadn’t worn a bra, and her nips pointed straight at me, deep pink, stiff and aching to be touched.

Without hesitation, I bent my head to taste her. She mewled at the sensation, my warm tongue tracing the creamy flesh before focusing on her areola, skimming the pink with my mouth, leaving traces of saliva on her flesh. I drew a nipple into my mouth, savoring its rubbery yet stiff feel. It hardened like a bullet as I suckled vigorously, moaning into her skin, burying my face against that porcelain softness.

“Daddy!” she shrieked, her cunt gushing again. Oh fuck, the little girl’s pussy was so wet it’d soaked through both her panties and my trouser leg. Shit, I had to feel it.

I reached a hand under her skirt and lightly traced my fingers against her mound. The heat was scorching. There were waves of moisture coming off her twat, sensual and wet. I pressed my fingers firmly to her mound and she squealed again, grinding against my hand, rotating her hips, desperately trying to get near me.

“Please Daddy,” she panted. “More … please!”

But something made me hesitate for a moment. Maybe it was the innocence in her eyes, despite the fact that she was draped all over me, her snatch rubbing against my hand like it was a gift from heaven. Maybe it was my conscience, who knows. Funny time to grow a conscience, it’s never bothered me before.

So slowly, reluctantly, I pulled away.

“Cleo, this can’t happen,” I said gently, removing my hand slowly from her wetness. The shock in her eyes was vivid, those deep green irises still dilated from want and need. I stroked her haunches as a consolation prize, letting myself savor that smooth, sweet skin, perfume drifting off that silky golden expanse. Heat emanated from her still, driving me crazy, my senses on fire.

“But why?” she asked, panting slightly. Her breasts heaved and I almost lost it again, those creamy tits waving in front of my face, so close that I could easily turn the tide, grab one in my mouth and suckle, keep the fire going.

But I knew I had to stop. She was so nubile and so curvy … and so fucking young.

“You know why,” I ground out, slowly shifting her off my lap. The little girl wobbled on her legs, like a newborn colt.

“Because you’re married to my mom?” she asked softly. “I know you don’t love Lorena.”

I gave out a short bark of laughter at that.

“I’ve never loved Lorena,” I replied tightly, the look on my face grim, “and she’s never loved me. You know that Cleo. You know that with me and your mom, it was always a marriage of convenience.”

And the girl straightened a little, re-tying her top, hiding those tits from view, pulling her skirt down again.

“I just wanted to be sure, Daddy,” she said slowly, “because Lorena told me that you were trying for kids. But she’s in her forties and it’s probably not going to happen. You know that she’s tried before, right? Tried to have more kids but it fell flat?”

I just shook my head. The last thing I wanted with my wife was a child. Heck, I’d never want a baby with a woman who I used for sex, what kind of environment would that be for a child? So I just shook my head.

“Naw, it’s never bothered me that Lorena couldn’t conceive, I never even asked about it,” I rumbled, shaking my head. Why would Lorena tell Cleo that we were trying for kids? Odd. “In fact, I just assumed that your mom was past the age, no longer fertile. But what do you mean, she’s tried it before? She tried to give you a baby sister or brother at one point?”

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