The Dirty Virgin

By: Cassandra Dee

And here, Cleo sighed.

“Daddy, we were poor before we met you,” she said slowly. “I mean, not living out of our car or anything, but my biological father was never in the picture. And I don’t mean he ditched us. He was a one night stand for Lorena, a shot in the dark, so she didn’t even know how to contact him.”

Surprise, surprise. Sounded just like my wife, so I nodded.

“Well, it meant my mom had to raise me on her own and she wasn’t really into it. She was young when she had me, with a wild streak still, and I kept her from going out and partying. So Lorena started trying to get paid by guys,” said Cleo, shrugging her shoulders.

“What do you mean?” I asked curiously. I’d had my wife checked out before I married her, and as far as I knew, her past was legit. She hadn’t committed any crimes, was here in the country legally, and had been working for the housekeeping service for eight years. That was a good record of employment, you had to show up on time and do your stuff if you’ve been with the same employer for that long.

But Cleo read my mind. She nodded.

“Daddy, you’re not the first man that Lorena’s met cleaning houses,” she said softly. “Only rich people can afford Greener Living, so we were always being sent to estates around Long Island, cleaning 10,000 square foot mansions with pool houses and guest cottages. We’d be on site for days sometimes, these places were so big.”

I frowned for a second.

“You were cleaning as well?” I growled. “What about school? You were too young to be working full-time.”

And here, the girl shook her head again slowly.

“I was,” she agreed. “But Mom couldn’t afford babysitting, so she’d take me with her on jobs. I’d usually sit in the van and wait while she and the rest of the crew cleaned. It wasn’t fun because they use a lot of harsh chemicals and sitting in the van, the fumes would sting my eyes, my nose, make it hard to breathe. So actually, I wanted to help them,” she confessed. “That way, I could get some air.”

And I frowned again. This Cinderella background was even harsher than I imagined. I mean, yeah, I knew Lorena and Cleo came from a blue-collar past but I never imagined it was like this.

Still, Cleo shrugged.

“When I got old enough to look like a legit employee, I started cleaning with the crew, going into the mansions. It was amazing,” she said, taking a deep breath. “It was only then that I realized how much some people have, and how little we had.”

Well, that was easy to fix.

“But you have everything you need now, right?” I growled. “Because I’ve been giving Lorena money for you, a lot of it.”

“Oh I know,” smiled the redhead. “Thank you so much, I totally appreciate it. And I wanted to thank you personally tonight,” she said, a bit of a sassy gleam coming back into her eyes, shifting slightly on the ottoman. My mouth immediately started watering again, imagining that juicy butt bumping up and down on my cock, humping my pole. But I hadn’t gotten answers yet.

“But why do you say Lorena’s done this before?” I ground out, forcing myself to ignore my burgeoning erection. “How do you know she’s tried for a second kid?”

And here Cleo cocked her head at me.

“Because you’re not the first rich man she’s seduced, haven’t you realized that Daddy? Mom’s always wanted to live a lavish lifestyle. She’s tried to hook up with quite a few of the guys we cleaned house for,” she finished.

Fuck me. That took some fucking moxie.

“Who was she fucking?” I asked, although it really didn’t matter. I was curious more than anything else.

“Well, there was Mr. Jennings over on North Shore, and Mr. Dykstra over in Manhasset,” she said slowly. “And there were probably ten others, I can’t remember their names now. Oh wait, and Evan Musk in Manhattan. I remember him because he was the only one we went into the City for,” she added.

Shit, that was a lot of dudes.

“But this took place over a long time right?” I growled, morbidly curious. There were so many men that Lorena must have started long ago, when Cleo was only a baby.

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