The Naughty Virgin

By: Cassandra Dee

“Now for the other,” I said coyly, and lifted my left boob to my lips for a taste, doing the same with this nipple. Except this time, I gave myself a little love bite, delicately nipping my tip with small white teeth, flirting with Mr. Phillips through my lashes the entire time.

“Imagine my teeth on your cock,” I sighed breathily. “Imagine how that’s going to feel.”

And the big man stopped all motion, his body rock hard, that huge dick pointed straight at me. I guess he was getting desperate, perilously close to the edge because there were no longer any full sentences.

“Clothes. Off,” he commanded, his voice hoarse, his eyes ravenous.

And with a giggle, I obeyed. I shimmied out of my skirt, pulling the fabric sensuously over my hips before kicking them away, and then played with the waistband of my panties, lightly tugging, teasing him, making the big man salivate. And god, but Stone’s dick was literally weeping now, there was a steady stream of sperm dripping from the tip to the floor, a pool of pre-cum that I longed to taste.

“You wanna see?” I breathed, snapping the waistband. My fingers crept down to my cunt and I lightly trailed it over my fleshy lips, the material soaking wet. “You wanna see?”

But before he could say anything, I did the deed. I hooked the material in one of my fingers and pulled it to the side, showing him my pretty pussy, the swollen lips, the clit so stiff and achy that it pushed out between my labia, begging to be touched. Leaning back a little, I canted my hips forward so that he could get a better view and even spread my legs a bit, squatting so that my hole opened up, winking at him.

“See?” I purred throatily. “My kitty wants you.” And at that moment, a bead of pussy cream coalesced at my vaginal entrance and slowly dripped off, a long string of ooze dropping from my cunt to the floor.

“I’m creaming for you, Mr. Phillips,” I breathed. “My kitty’s dying for you.”

But the big man hadn’t forgotten his original instructions.

“Clothes. Off,” he barked. “On your knees.”

And I didn’t hesitate to obey. I wiggled out of my panties, the damp lace a ball on the floor, and knelt completely nude before him, my pussy sopping wet, my boobs heaving with short, indrawn breaths.

“Open,” he commanded, and instinctually I obeyed. My pink pouty lips parted and that big dong kissed my mouth. It was just a butterfly kiss at first, my teacher ran his glans over my lips, tracing the outline of the cupid’s bow, trailing his pre-cum over my softness, teasing me. But I couldn’t resist. The feel of his semen on my lips made me hungry, desperate for more, so I twisted a bit and caught the head in my mouth, that stiff, rubbery crown so tasty, so meaty that I moaned with pleasure, my eyes rolling back in my head.

“That’s it,” Mr. Phillips panted, his eyes fixed on the dirty sight, a nude girl with her lips on his dick. “Keep going.”

And I moaned again, one hand going up to play with his balls while the other seized his dick at its base, holding it ready for a good suck. And I went at it like a crazed girl, desperate for cock, desperate to get it in me, somehow, somewhere.

I flattened my tongue and licked up his length, trailing a bulging vein along the bottom, the vein beating so fierce, so hard, that I thought he might come right then. But Mr. Phillips had better control than that, his gaze hard with desire, his breath quick and controlled as he stared at me. So I went in for another long lick, this time trailing my tongue along a huge vein on the upper side of his shaft, playing with it, feeling the blood coursing through his penis, savoring the musty taste of man. And it was so good, so yummy, that I popped him in my mouth after that, sucking at the tip, letting the pre-cum run down my throat, swallowing as much as I could.

I loved it, loved every second of it. It felt so good to have this huge piece of man meat in my warm cavern, thrusting against my tonsils, so enormous that my mouth was stretched wide, even a little uncomfortable. I could feel tears coming to my eyes, the saliva pooling uncontrollably, but I was too hungry to care and pushed his dick even further down my throat until my nose hit his pubes, his personal scent musky and all male in my nostrils.

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