The Naughty Virgin

By: Cassandra Dee

And you see the type of teacher Mr. Phillips was. “We are all stardust”? It was a cheesy line but oh so romantic and totally true too. I guess when people die, when any living organism dies, we become dust once again, and it’s the same dust that makes up stars in the sky. So his proclamation that “we are all stardust” was not only poetic but true. And I loved how he’d tied it in with the biblical passage “ashes to ashes,” his smarts made me tingle all over.

But yeah, Mr. Phillips isn’t just known for his smarts and his confidence in the classroom. He’s known for his chiseled features and perfect bod, all of it displayed in khakis and a button down most days. But the dad outfits can’t hide the perfect butt, the wide shoulders, the broad chest that tapered to a narrow waist. He was an Adonis come to life, and I wasn’t the only girl who noticed.

Because there was always a throng of teenage hussies surrounding him, every Kim, Laura and Mary trying to get his attention, get those magnetic blue eyes onto their bodies. And it was downright embarrassing sometimes seeing how my female classmates threw themselves at him.

Take Kim for example. Today, as the bell rang letting the previous class out, the blonde rushed past everyone, battling against the stream of students to shove her way to the front of the room, plunking her books on the desk that was front and center. And I could see why. She’d worn a tight white sweater, one that emphasized every curve of her huge tits, the orbs bouncy and pendulous. Oh yeah, Mr. Phillips would get a good look at those girls today, how could he miss such a huge rack when it was positioned right in front of him, its owner twirling her hair and making eyes at him while licking her pencil?

But Stone was better than that. He strode into the room, confident, casual, dark hair slightly ruffled and totally professional. His eyes didn’t even graze Kim’s chest, he didn’t so much as bat an eye at that heart-stopping cleavage. Instead, our teacher smiled raffishly, totally cute, and flipped open his lesson planner.

“We’re going to talk about DNA today,” he announced. “What are nucleotides?”

And believe or not, Mr. Phillips made the discussion fascinating, an otherwise boring topic come to life at the hands of our instructor. I was picking up loads and loads, I’d be able to take the AP Biology exam at the end of the year even though this class wasn’t actually an AP class. Mr. Phillips was just that good, I knew with some extra study I’d be able to ace the test, get a jump on college while still in high school.

But when the handsome man called my name unexpectedly, I was surprised and jerked in my seat.

“Evie,” he said with a casual grin, “were you listening?”

“Um, yes,” I said, biting my lip, looking down while growing beet red. “Totally, yes.”

“Okay, what did I just say then?”

“Um,” here I bit my lip again. But fortunately Mindy saved me with her frantic hand gestures. “You said that the exam’s going to be next week, and it’s going to cover Chapter Seven,” I parroted. Incredible that I knew Mindy so well that she could transmit such detailed information to me, but we weren’t able to pull one on Mr. Phillips, he could see her gestures, we were only fifteen feet away after all.

“That’s right,” he said. “But may I speak to the both of you after class today?”

Mindy spun around to face forwards with a shocked look, making me giggle a little. My friend is such a drama queen, it’d been obvious that she’d been signaling to me but she wasn’t about to let that hold her back.

“But-but I didn’t do anything,” she wailed piteously.

“How’d you know I was talking to you then?” rumbled Mr. Phillips wryly.

“I-I didn’t do anythiiiiing!” was all Mindy wailed again. And maybe it was the tears welling in her eyes, or the way her chin trembled and shook, but suddenly my friend was off the hook and I was the only one who had to stay after.

So when the bell rang, I gathered my books nervously, my heart beating a million miles a minute. My classmates brushed past me and I kept my head down, biting my lip while looking around.

“Don’t be too long,” whispered Mindy under her breath. “I’ll save you a seat at lunch and you can tell me all about Homecoming.”

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