The Naughty Virgin

By: Cassandra Dee

“Yes Stone,” she smiled at me. “No one’s ever touched me but you. Chip was just a distraction, a friend, a nobody really. It’s always been you Mr. Phillips.”

And I kissed her then, imbuing the contact with my adoration for the girl, how much I treasured her, how much it meant to me that I was the only man who’d ever touched her, felt that wetly creaming puss, savored her ass, her body pulsing and trembling only for me.

“I’ll make it worth it,” I whispered harshly into her ear, my voice choked up, throat tight. “Move in with me, now.”

And she nodded against me, her lips grazing my jaw.

“I’ll move in this weekend,” she promised sweetly, gazing at me, eyes limpid pools of need and desire. “I promise.”

And our living situation wasn’t the only change either.

“Stop working in the coffee shop,” I commanded a few weeks later as I watched Evie tie an apron on, the green wrap highlighting her tiny waist contrasted against her huge boobs and generous ass. “I have more than enough, you know that.”

But Evie had resisted on that one.

“Stone I can’t just take from you,” she said slowly, her eyes flickering to me even as she bit her lip. “I’m already living with you rent-free, eating your food, and you’ve given me a car …” she said her voice trailing off.

But I was adamant.

“Evie,” I growled again. “What do you make at the coffee shop? Ten bucks an hour? Trust me, I have millions, am making millions at Phillips, there’s no need to work in the salt mines.”

But my girl wasn’t having it.

“No Stone,” she said softly. “I still need something that’s mine, I can’t live off your hand-outs and besides, the coffee shop is hardly a dungeon.”

But I wasn’t having it.

“It’s not a hand-out,” I said tightly. “You’re my girl and I’m more than happy to support you, my money is your money, what’s mine is yours.”

And the brunette smiled again, taking my hand in her soft ones, bringing me close to cradle my face in her hands.

“I know big guy, I know you’re all about sharing,” she said, giving me a sweet kiss on the lips. “And I appreciate you paying my tuition,” she breathed, punctuating the words with another kiss. “But I still need a small bit of financial independence, so I’m working and that’s final,” she said determinedly before sashaying out with a wink, those hips swinging and oh so tantalizing.

And I accepted it. After all, I’m proud of my girl and that’s exactly what we’re working towards … independence mixed with dependence so that we’re in a balanced relationship. But at the same time, I want Evie to know just how serious I am about sharing, how serious I am about “our money,” “our things,” and “our life.” So I’ve decided to make it legal. I’m going to put everything on the line, my freedom be damned. I want to show the world that we belong together, that I belong to her and she belongs to me, and a wedding is exactly the answer.

So I’ve got a diamond in my pocket, a real stunner, a five carat beauty that will look amazing on her finger. And I’m looking forward to getting down on one knee, proposing, watching a sweet smile slip over my best girl’s face, her eyes lighting with joy. Because you know what? I started out as the teacher but Evie’s more than just a student, so much more … she’s my fiancée, my wife, my life, my everything, and always will be.


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