Their Forbidden Love

By: Vanessa Brown

Can their baby unite their families?

Bonus: Includes a free 111 page copy of the previously released best selling story 'Basic Obsession'.

When Britta meets the handsome young billionaire Jonas Helm, she falls head over heels.

Unfortunately, it turns out that Jonas’ father Michael is the person who has been continually trying to buy out her own father’s business, so she knows she shouldn’t get involved with him.

Eventually though, Britta’s heart wins out and she and Jonas start a romantic relationship, quickly getting serious.

But when Britta finds out she’s pregnant, will she be able to tell Jonas about it?

Or is their relationship doomed due to the problems between their fathers?

Find out in this sexy and forbidden romance by bestselling author Vanessa Brown.

Suitable for over 18s only due to sex scenes so hot, you'll need your own forbidden billionaire to cozy up to.

Chapter 1

“What do you think of jumping from a building as tall as this?”

Britta took another long puff of the cigarette in her hands while looking at the street, several feet below her. With more than half of her body lying over the railing of the balcony, she sometimes raised her toes in the air. Her abdomen was over the railing, carrying the weight of her body.

Sitting in a chair, Alex was looking at her. The many cocktails she had downed were now kicking in and were making her feel like she was floating in the air

“Look at how tiny these cars and people look from here.” Britta exhaled the cloud of cigarette smoke as she looked down.

“You are drunk. Get back!” Alex warned Britta. She knew both of them have had the same amount of alcohol and Britta’s daredevil act was making her uneasy.

“Where are we?” Britta asked, sounding like a person undergoing existential crisis. “What are we doing in this tall building?”

“It is a party!” Alex reminded her.

“Whose party?” Britta stepped away from the balcony smoking her cigarette, and Alex was a little relived.

“Jacob! The guy we met at the club… God! Britta!” Alex reminded Britta again, lighting another cigarette.

Stepping away from the railing, Britta sat next to Alex. She was trying to remember the face of their host, Jacob, but it was all a blur to her. The loud sounds and lights of the club they visited this evening were coming back to her in blurry, hazy, flashes.

“I don’t know, but I like this place.”

Britta closed her eyes and let the delicious midnight breeze stroke her cheeks and run through her hair. She thought she could get used to living in such a penthouse, but deep in her heart, she knew this was out of her league. Drunk, but with her best friend, Britta just wanted to enjoy this moment to the fullest, and not try to remember why and how she ended up here.

“Look, there he is, that’s him!”

Britta didn’t want to open her eyes, but Alex was yanking her hand.

“There is Jacob.” Alex spoke again. Louder,this time.

Britta had been with Alex since they were little girls. She knew how Alex could attract everyone’s attention through her antics. As Britta’s head turned in the direction Alex was looking at, she could feel the grip from her hand getting fainter. Jacob had been located.


“There, in the main hall, he is standing with someone!”

Britta’s eyes were seductively droopy and she didn’t want to move. She just wanted to enjoy the moment, but she knew Alex was not going to let her do that.

“Isn’t he gorgeous?” Alex cried.

And then, Britta saw it. Alex was certainly not exaggerating. There he was — a man, a demi god, dressed in a fine dark blue suit that seemed tailored to fit to his gorgeous V shaped body. His blonde hair shone in the lights coming from the penthouse. Britta watched him smile and was in a trance, looking at the way he moved his head to nod.

“I am so going to fuck him tonight!”

Alex’s declaration made Britta feel a little uncomfortable. But that was just the wine talking. Alex often got boisterous and presumptuous when she got drunk.

“Yeah right!” Britta chuckled throwing her cigarette away. She did not want Jacob to see her with that cigarette. She had seen him refusing the cigarette offered by that ‘dude’ who was talking to him. He clearly did not like to smoke.

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