When An Alpha Purrs

By: Eve Langlais

Because I love him.

Huh. I wonder when that happened. She couldn’t pinpoint one particular event, but it had happened. She loved a lion.

Peeking at him where he sat perusing the stock market on his phone while chewing on some crisp bacon, she blurted out the momentous news. “I love you.”

“I know.” Smugly said.

She blinked. “What do you mean you know?”

“Because of the letter A.”

“What does A have to do with anything other than being the first letter in your name?”

“Because it also stands for awesome.”

“And arrogant.”

“Are we back to alphabetizing my attributes? B is for brave.”

She laughed. “Don’t you dare start again. Besides, there’s only one set of four letters that interest me.”

“Oh?” he said, putting down his phone and ignoring his meal. “And what might those be?”


The only word she needed to have him drag her onto his lap for a scorching kiss.

A whispered, “I love you,” vibrated against her lips, his softly growled admission fueling her passion.

And after they were done, panting, glowing, and cradled together, ignoring the pounding at the door, she held still as she tried to figure out what she heard.

It should have been impossible. Arik was a lion, and yet he was— “Purring?”

Indeed, he was. And when an alpha purrs, pleasure is sure to follow.


A few days later…

Babysitting duty. The indignity of it burned. Didn’t Arik know that Hayder had better things to do on a Saturday night than babysit Jeoff’s baby sister? Important stuff like washing his luxurious mane, or playing the latest Call of Duty with his buds online.

But no, he was ordered—and yes he mentally finger quoted—to play bodyguard to some wolf chick as a favor to Jeoff.

He knocked but didn’t wait for an answer at the condo door. Being the pride’s beta gave him certain liberties, such as access to all the units in the building. He walked in, and stopped dead.

Literally, and with good reason, given a gun wavered in front of his face.

But the weapon wasn’t the most shocking thing. It was the possessive growl of his lion and the truth that gobsmacked him when he caught her scent.



The End…

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