A Billion Vendettas

By: Jessa York

If we had anything to say about it.

“Is everyone okay? Do we need to come back?” I asked, turning the phone more toward me, now.

Giselle shook her head. “No, Theo’s having a good time with us. Don’t worry.”

I nodded and reassured her, “We’re not worried. They’re in good hands, we know that.”

“Okay, love you guys. Have fun,” she said with an exaggerated, sexy wink.

“Love you, too, sweetheart. Take care, and thank you so much for taking the kids for us,” I said sincerely.

Eve moved the phone toward her. “Yes, love you, honey. And call if you need anything at all. Thanks again.”

They shut it down after that, and Eve looked at me for a minute—then said, “You want to go home.”

I started shaking my head, and then I nodded. “Yeah, I miss them,” I admitted with a deep sigh. “But, I’ve been waiting to have you all to myself. I had this whole plan devised to knock you up this week—but, apparently, I already did that.”

Eve stared at me for a second—then we both erupted into laughter.

God, if there was one thing I could count on my wife for, it was making me laugh.

No one—ever—made me laugh like she did.

“So? When are we leaving?” she asked me with that breathtaking grin on her face.

She knew me too well.

“In the morning. We’ll be too busy tonight to pack,” I said, then took her flushed, naked, blooming body into my arms—and indeed—I kept her busy for the rest of the night.



To my EARLY readers who help me enormously while I craft my first drafts into what you see here now: Carla Kay VanZandt, Shelly Charlton, Jennifer Shiflett, Jennifer Christy, Kelly Green, and Angie Hallock. WHAT would I do without you guys? I’m forever grateful each time you drop everything to read my crappy first drafts. These naughty characters have sparked quite a few “interesting” conversations, LOL.

And to my ARC readers—y’all ROCK. Thank you sooooo much for reading and reviewing again for me. Your enthusiasm for this series is truly overwhelming.

A GIANT thank you to every fabulous one of you who’ve stuck with this series until the very end. We made it!! I truly hope you found Nick, and Eve’s story as delicious, and fun to read as it was to write.

I SERIOUSLY had waaaay too much fun writing this series. I hope you come back to read Carlo, and Giselle’s story, next.

And last—but not least—a HUGE thank you to my hubby for showing me what real passion is. You and my Lelo took quite the beating while I wrote this series. Thanks for sticking by me when the going got rough…

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