A Love So Sweet

By: Addison Cole

She could do better than a man who would judge her, and as an idea formed in her head, a hopeful grin lifted her lips.

Maybe it was time she broke that wretched streak and forgot Treat altogether. It wasn’t in her nature to pick up a man, and even the thought of it petrified her. But a distraction from her past, and from Treat, was just what she needed to move on. She was confident in every aspect of her life except the one Ryan had ruined for her, and she hated that. Though she wasn’t sure how to get past it.

Everything started with baby steps, right? If she could get out there and flirt a little, she’d have people other than Treat to think about. That was a good place to begin. First she needed to look hot, not just good.

She turned on some music and danced as she got ready for her big night. She went heavy on the makeup, which took some time since she hardly ever wore any, and stepped into one of the few lace thongs she owned, feeling naughty and a little uncomfortable. She wanted to feel sexy, and this would help. At least that’s what Kaylie always said. Sexiness is a state of mind and starts with what nobody else sees. She slithered into the skintight dress with the plunging neckline and spun around as the tunes escalated, slipping her bare feet into a pair of efficient black heels. She stood before the mirror, surveying herself from top to bottom. Her dark eyeliner said, Take me, her body screamed, Touch me, and her crimson lips whispered, I’m in control, but the total package, including the efficient heels, shouted, Faker!

She kicked off her heels and stared at her other footwear options with a frown. Efficient, efficient, efficient. No matter which dress she chose, she’d feel like a fake. How on earth did I make it this far? She snagged her phone from the bed and texted Kaylie.

Can I borrow your high black heels?

Her phone vibrated seconds later. High black heels? lol. You mean the take-me-now heels?

Max rolled her eyes and texted back. I guess.

Kaylie’s text came fast. Who’s the guy?

She responded, Festival after-party. Yes or no?

A minute later her answer arrived. Yup. Babies are sleeping. I’ll leave the heels on the porch.

Max squealed, immediately worrying that maybe she’d interrupted a private moment between Chaz and Kaylie since Kaylie said she’d leave the heels on the porch. Oh well, what was done was done. She couldn’t worry about that now. She spritzed on her sexiest perfume, put on her flip-flops, grabbed her purse and keys, and headed for Kaylie’s house.

Twenty minutes later she was walking up Kaylie’s front steps. As promised, the black stilettos were on the front porch.

“I can’t believe you didn’t tell me about Treat!”

Max gasped. “Kaylie! You scared the daylights out of me!”

Kaylie came out of the dark garage and into the light of the porch. Her blond hair was tousled, and she wore a nighty that barely covered her underwear—at least Max hoped she was wearing underwear—and fuzzy slippers.

“Sorry, but if you’re borrowing my heels, I want details.”

Max wished she had some to share. “I’m not seeing Treat. I’m going to the after-party because your husband wanted to spend time with you.”

“Aw, he’s so romantic. Chaz said Treat showed up today. Did he call you? I knew there was something going on at the wedding.”

Max heard a faint ringing. “There was nothing going on at the wedding, and he didn’t come to see me. He’s in Weston visiting his dad, and it was just a coincidence that he was at the festival.” I wish he’d been there to see me. No. I wish he’d come to see me weeks ago.

“Danica would tell you that there are no coincidences in life,” Kaylie said. Her older sister was more like Max than Kaylie. “Hey, is that your phone ringing?”

“I thought it was the house phone,” Max answered.

Kaylie shook her head. “We turn off the ringers when the kids go to bed.”

Max ran for her car and tugged the door open, but her phone had already stopped ringing. She checked the missed call log and saw the restricted number had popped up again. She let out a breath and felt the confidence she’d bolstered begin to deflate.

“Sorry, Max. Were you expecting him to call?” Kaylie asked.

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