A Love So Sweet

By: Addison Cole

“Thanks for coming with me,” Savannah said as he handed her a drink. “I knew I could count on you.”

“Why aren’t you with Connor tonight?” Treat asked, swirling the liquor in his glass.

“Are you kidding? He’ll have a whole entourage. I’m off duty when he’s out drinking. I can’t be held responsible for his liquored-up state, even if that’s when he gets in the most trouble. He gave me tickets, of course, but I gave them to the girls in my office. Now, they’re the kind of girls who love this stuff.”

“Then why did you get all dolled up in that gold minidress and want to come so badly?”

Savannah looked around and then pointed across the room.

There, in the dimly lit nightclub, outshining all the other women with her natural beauty, was Max.

“See you later, big brother.” Savannah kissed his cheek and disappeared into the crowd.

Max was gorgeous no matter what she wore, but she looked stunning with her smoky eyes, her hair sexily framing her face, and a little black dress that hugged all her curves. His fingers itched to touch her, his body ached to discover how she felt lying beneath him. He stopped himself from taking that thought any further. He wanted much more than sex with Max. He’d blown it once, and he wasn’t going to blow it again.

She lifted her face, and their eyes connected like metal to magnet. The air sizzled and popped as he crossed the dance floor, eating up the space between them. He ignored the gyrating bodies and seductive glances from women. The only woman he wanted was right there in front of him, and he never took his eyes off her, afraid if he did, she might not be there when he looked again.

She held a drink between her hands, her gaze flitting nervously away, then skittering back again as he approached. She was breathing harder, and she bit her lower lip. His body heated up when she released her lip and ran her tongue along the corner of her mouth, exhaling a ragged breath. He remembered those ragged, nervous breaths as they lay on the sand kissing, their hands roaming over each other’s bodies.

Two more steps and he’d be close enough to touch her. In the next breath her sweet scent permeated his senses. His body thrummed as memories of their steamy night came rushing back. It had been years since Treat had spent time only kissing a woman, and with Max, he’d wanted to savor every second. It had been enough all those weeks ago. At least it had been when he’d imagined they’d have many more nights to find their way to darker pleasures.

“Hello, Max.”

She didn’t lower her eyes in the tentative way she had in Nassau. Her eyes narrowed enticingly behind her glasses, which gave her a smart appearance. He drank in her revealing dress, the way it hugged her hips and plunged so deeply between her breasts it made him want to—

“Treat,” she said with a sultry tone. She sipped her drink, then licked the alcohol from her lips, holding his stare. “I didn’t expect to see you here.”

What happened to the shy girl who couldn’t hold my gaze?

He had adored the careful woman he’d spent time with in Nassau. She’d been a refreshing change to the women he was used to being with, but the hungry look in Max’s eyes, and seeing her sweetness all sexed up, made him want to forget his good intentions.

“My brother had extra tickets. I came with Savannah.”

She looked around the room. “Savannah’s here?”

“She’s mingling.” He stepped closer, enjoying the hitch in her breathing, the darkening of her eyes. Wearing that delectable dress and with the way she was visually devouring him, she was begging to be touched. Several weeks was a long time to think about a woman. An even longer time to refuse himself anyone else. “I don’t want to talk about who I came with or why I’m here. I’d much rather talk about us.”

She inhaled another uneven breath, revealing a hint of the woman he’d known. She quickly wiped away that image by boldly running her finger down his chest. “I’m glad you’re here.”

Man, she was killing him. He wanted to pull her into his arms and kiss her right then and there until all that nonsense from Nassau was forgotten.

She tugged his tie playfully, and Treat swore it had a direct line south.

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